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Saturday, January 03, 2009

A New Year Dream (and music to move to...)

Thanks to my friend Mitch for directing me to this Amnesty International music video.

Oh yes, someday we need the suits in the United Nations dancing and voting with their hearts. Watch and comment if you'd like to.

May we all live in peace with ourselves and each other. May each child grow up safe, respected, fed, free and loved.

I was dancing in front of my computer.

That was wonderful! Like you said, we need UN members to be moved like this. Thanks so much for sharing.
this is magnificent, Gary
Gary, the musicians did a fabulous job, very moving (I had to listen to the flick twice in a row!). But tell me, did it really happen in front of the official delegates gathered in the UN building in New York ... or was that a montage?

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