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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Not too many years ago I thought I'd be retired by now - living simply and doing lots of the things I enjoy - and only working for dough now and then if it interested me. (Those things include family, travel, paddling, hiking, reading, writing, activism,. hanging out in this cool town of Nelson etc...nothing overly ambitious.)

I even set my computer passwords to a declining-to-retirement phrase and number.  Well, here I am working a lot and not seeing away to slow down much, let alone stop. There are lots of reasons why - all related to economics or lifestyle, and there is also a sense that it's just harder to get by in these days of high-priced real estate and cheese (and many other things).

So I work on consulting contracts that appeal to me (mostly), balance it with vacations and time with family...and figure I'm fortunate to be in my 60's and have all that I have.  I suspect I won't be 'not-working' anytime soon...

Some of that work takes me north these days - the photo is from Old Hazelton, a little place I was in for 10 days recently.

Nice to see some of my long-time blogger friends here still!  Life goes on, eh?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 - who'd a thought it?

When I was 18 I really did think that 30 was old. Now that I'm in my 60's I look at anyone 30 and see someone who is still in the formative stages of young adulthood. Interesting.

Mark Twain did a nice job of describing how I sometimes feel:

"I am aware that I am very old now; but I am also aware that I have never been so young as I am now, in spirit, since I was fourteen and entertained Jim Wolf with the wasps. I am only able to perceive that I am old by a mental process; I am altogether unable to feel old in spirit. It is a pity, too, for my lapses from gravity must surely often be a reproach to me. When I am in the company of very young people I always feel that I am one of them, and they probably privately resent it."

Anyhow, all this by way of saying I'm still here, as in alive on the planet and also as a sometimes blogger, who uses facebook a lot more these days. Now I'll poke around your blogs and see what's up! 

Photo by Zoey - summer 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Daughter Zoey just released a 5 track album, which was produced by son Ryan. I'm proud of course...and I like the songs!

Here is is if you'd like a listen.



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time flies (whatever you're doing)

Life goes on, eh? Sometimes I see my face while shaving and wonder where the lines came from. (Sometimes I wink and say, "Hey! How ya doin?" but that's a different story).

I think if one is fortunate enough to live a long life, there are clearly stages somewhat defined by age. The middle age years do bring about reflection and angst for many. The 50's seem to be a time of moving to comfort with oneself (hopefully) and I am now in my 60's and in many ways I do feel at one with my place on the turning orb of Earth. 

Now if only I had more time to read, gaze at the mountains, stroll the abandoned track bed, coffee with friends regularly, rant like a madman on certain issues, travel the globe with Anna and more...that would be nice.

Fall in Nelson BC

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Still here!

It's so long between blog posts that I wonder sometimes if I should continue leaving it up at all. However, it's sort of like an old address book - I know I may need it. I also like to look at what some of you, who I met here, are up to.

On the what's up front:
- We bought a house in town in Nelson BC and are in the midst of moving. Walking distance to everything...and the landlord where we are is delighted for us to leave our canoe on his beach (with an open invite).
- We're going to Europe this summer for a few weeks (Berlin, Paris and Devon, UK).
-  My wonderful children, who are featured in these many posts, are doing well. Zoey is in Mexico with a friend, then off to Montreal to visit her bro for a couple of months (Ryan is studying electro-acoustic music at Concordia University). Zoey has another year at UVIC in Victoria, BC.
-  I'm older than the last time I wrote here!  Still in good health, sound of mind (if a little warped in the humour department), and generally pretty happy on the 'how is it to be a humanoid now?' scale.  Still working on human rights issues, watching political news in moderation and considering wearing an Anonymous mask to work...

I'll post some photos soon. I can be found being a simple minded modern person - over at Facebook, more often than here. I know...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 is a long way from 1951

It's been a long time since my last post, although I do lurk on some of your blogs now and then (I like the word "lurk"). 

When do we have the blogging-friends party? If anyone wants to help organize it, I will host it here in Nelson BC. We can sit at the library computer bank and send messages and posts to each other; paddle in a flotilla of canoes on the lake (I want to see Susan and Lindsay try to paddle while talking like mad...I want to paddle with Cheri and tease her); eat grilled wild salmon and fresh potatoes; talk late into the night over wine (and whisky for the bold)...it's all possible.  Life is too short not to try.  Let me know.

Meanwhile, the daughter is now 22 and completing her degree in Philosophy and Spanish, while working on her music. Here's a video of Zoey and her friend Evy Jane...written, performed and produced by them. I like it, but I'm the dad.


The photo is evidence that the 16th annual mens lake cruise did indeed take place. (Kate Winslet never showed...).

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Still here, just not 'here' much...

I'm over at facebook more than here...and on twitter now and then too - and simply involved in a busy life. But I can't pull the plug on Withinsight and when I visit, I remember my lovely connections through here.  Hello you!

All is good here in Nelson BC. The lake is shimmering today, there are blossoms and verdant greens on the hills and mountains...and still snow up top. Almost makes me forget about the state of the planet and the things that drive me mad (intolerance makes me very intolerant for example). 

Some random artifacts from my current time (is that an oxymoron?).

Some songs from the daughter, who continues to do well with all things good.  Zoey Ockenden

The son does well too, and goes to Concordia in Montreal this fall for Electroacoustic music - a sample piece here:   Ryan Orion

Some photos...click to biggerize them.

The kids in Victoria, BC Easter 2012

Moi...at Fletcher Falls near Nelson, BC

Canada Day last year - can it get more Canadian?

Nelson waterfront at low water in spring 2012

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    2015 - who'd a thought it?
    Daughter Zoey just released a 5 track album, which...
    Time flies (whatever you're doing)
    Still here!
    2012 is a long way from 1951
    Still here, just not 'here' much...
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