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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Not too many years ago I thought I'd be retired by now - living simply and doing lots of the things I enjoy - and only working for dough now and then if it interested me. (Those things include family, travel, paddling, hiking, reading, writing, activism,. hanging out in this cool town of Nelson etc...nothing overly ambitious.)

I even set my computer passwords to a declining-to-retirement phrase and number.  Well, here I am working a lot and not seeing away to slow down much, let alone stop. There are lots of reasons why - all related to economics or lifestyle, and there is also a sense that it's just harder to get by in these days of high-priced real estate and cheese (and many other things).

So I work on consulting contracts that appeal to me (mostly), balance it with vacations and time with family...and figure I'm fortunate to be in my 60's and have all that I have.  I suspect I won't be 'not-working' anytime soon...

Some of that work takes me north these days - the photo is from Old Hazelton, a little place I was in for 10 days recently.

Nice to see some of my long-time blogger friends here still!  Life goes on, eh?

thanks for popping by.. nice to see you're still blogging, I do in fits and starts now.. too much facebooking.. but I like the blog.
and I will be working till I die probably.
Hi Gary
Sounds like an ideal work and pleasure combination similar to what I enjoyed just prior or retirement.
Best wishes

Hey, Gary :0)

It seems to be the pattern, this easing off after a time of steady blogging. But there's something about the blog that facebook and other social media lack.... so we keep them and come back sporadically. The two of you will be well settled in your 'new' home by now. Is this the beginning of the 'autumn' of our lives? I've always loved autumn.
Hi Gfid...yes, I'm in the autumn (I hope!) too. It's a rich time, with more to look back at than to look forward to - rich with memories and feelings. And I think I have more calmness and wisdom for the rest, hope so.


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