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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time flies (whatever you're doing)

Life goes on, eh? Sometimes I see my face while shaving and wonder where the lines came from. (Sometimes I wink and say, "Hey! How ya doin?" but that's a different story).

I think if one is fortunate enough to live a long life, there are clearly stages somewhat defined by age. The middle age years do bring about reflection and angst for many. The 50's seem to be a time of moving to comfort with oneself (hopefully) and I am now in my 60's and in many ways I do feel at one with my place on the turning orb of Earth. 

Now if only I had more time to read, gaze at the mountains, stroll the abandoned track bed, coffee with friends regularly, rant like a madman on certain issues, travel the globe with Anna and more...that would be nice.

Fall in Nelson BC

time does fly. the alternative is that we have died and that wouldn't be so good..
You're both looking very well indeed. It sounds as though you make very good use of your time and there is much of that still to come.
Thanks Claire and Susan...some stories of friends around us, including some quite young, have made me aware that I don't know how much time there is...and probably should behave a little more like I understand that...

Hi Gary

Agree with Susan !!
Both you and Anna looking well!!

A lot of water still left under the bridge with plenty of time to make the most of your next exciting phase of your life.

But as good friend reminded me years ago the years seem to pass more quickly, as we age,so make the most of it while you able !!

Best wishes

Gary! Just came by after a while...and have to say it's nice to read your words here, since this is how our friendship started!! Hope 2014 is amazing for Anna and you!!!

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