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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great blog from China

A young friend from Nelson, Niko Bell, is living and studying in China. He's spent a lot of time there since high school and his blog is an interesting array of photos, stories and insights. Oh...and he's a great writer. Check out The Lin Blog

Chinese Village - photo by Niko Bell

You're right as usual. His blog was well worth the visit.

I'm glad to see you've returned as well - for as long as the energy lasts :-)
Niko studied in Halifax (Journalism). I want to get back to my blog now that I have 1000 facebook friends, saying nothing much day and night :)
Hi Gary,
Thanks for the link for the young friend living and studying in China. It is always interesting to read about the most populous nation on earth from someone on the ground first hand so to speak.
Elswhere a lot of turmoil and unrest at the moment with innocent people being killed but hopefully a more democratic society soon to be realised.

On a lighter note I was pleased to see you enjoyed your January trip to La Manzanilla Mexico/ lots of interesting photos. Glad to hear you bought a CD from a musician know very well to me with an origami fortune teller. On that note I trust good fortune presides for you and yours again this year.
Best wishes
Such a great article which spending a lot of time there since high school and this blog is an interesting array of photos. In Which that photo is great shot. Thanks for sharing this article.

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