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Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing my friend Marsha...

This links to
Artful Solutions, a website that portrays the art of my friend Marsha, in Victoria BC. It also gives you some insights into Marsha, a very special woman indeed. I hope you can visit and have a look around.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in the mountains...

I understand the beauty of snow on the sun splashed mountain. I get it. I also understand and feel the world of life beneath the leaf layer and within the buds. I sometimes see the stoic deer or elk standing firm in the snow and wind. I even like to feel the occasional blast of Arctic wind on my reddened cheeks. I startle awake to a new blanket of snow outside the window.

I have to be cautious when I say that this winter seemed far too long and I'm done with it. Only because I was in Hawaii for about a month and anyone who knows that would be justified to treat me like an AIG bonus recipient.

But look at this photo, just outside the bedroom. Yes! Snowdrops rising as the snow itself disappears.

I'm ready.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiration...hope...feeling the fight

Here are a couple of clips that I have bookmarked because they both move me. One is very short and one a little longer, both a bit dated. If you have a few minutes - have a look. And just to add to the mix, here is a quote a friend shared with me this week (could be my slogan):

To be truly radical
is to make hope possible,
rather than despair convincing.

- Raymond Williams, Welsh academic, novelist and critic

Publish Post

Tianamen Square 1989

And this is Severn Suzuki, when she was 13. She's David Suzuki's daughter and is an adult activist now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Wee Toast on Saint Paddy's Day O

Home from Vancouver... after 2 days of flying over home and back to Vancouver, unable to land because of weather. Hope I get airmiles for all of it...

Here's to the band Flogging Molly, to Mr. J. Depp, to pirates and wenches everywhere and to everyone with a wee bit o Oyrish in yer bones. (That's you!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Humour for the road...

I'm on my way to Vancouver for three days. Work and a visit with my 21 year old son Ryan.

A little humour for you (Canuck style).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cuba Re-re-visited

A visitor found the old post of mine (below) - and liked it, so I re-read it and discovered that I like it too. At the risk of being both vain and lazy, I re-post it today. Now if any of you have President Obama's ear, pass it along to him and don't forget the bit about Jimmy Carter...

Okay, just to make it really new I'll add a photo of Anna and I on Kauai a month ago - which has nothing to do with Cuba directly (other than the latitude and the Obama reference).


Canada and Cuba celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations

Many of my friends (and my mother recently) go to Cuba for winter vacations - it's perfect. Canada cold in winter - even in BC...Cuba warm always = vacation. In addition, it's reasonably inexpensive and the people are friendly, well-educated, articulate and seem to enjoy Canadians. Good health care too. One of my friends stays in the Trinidad area regularly and has a circle of friends there.

I smoke a nice Habana cigar with 2 pals every so often as well (goes well with a smooth single malt whisky). These tobacco gems are brought back from Cuba vacationers or purchased locally here in Nelson.

Our government talks to their government - there are investments, development opportunities, cultural exchanges. Hey, Prime Minister Trudeau and Fidel were pals (see above).

Okay now - I know the US/Cuba history thing... even lived in Miami for two years, so I know the Cuban American vote thing too. I also work on behalf of some Cuban prisoners of conscience through Amnesty. It's not perfect there (although US rented Gitmo has even more illegal prisoners than Fidel does).

So what's with the cold war, the embargo, the propaganda, the imposed hardship on Cubans, the military threats? Why not thaw things out, normalize it? How long do you think it would take for people power, trade and investment to bring down the cafe-leche wall?

I fear for the Cubans when fast food, bullshit entertainment, free market etc. arrive, but something must change. Put President Carter on the job and things would change in a few years. I think he gets it.

Meanwhile, those Canadian winters will continue to be moderated with Cuban beaches, nasty big lovely cigars, rum and good food.

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