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Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 is a long way from 1951

It's been a long time since my last post, although I do lurk on some of your blogs now and then (I like the word "lurk"). 

When do we have the blogging-friends party? If anyone wants to help organize it, I will host it here in Nelson BC. We can sit at the library computer bank and send messages and posts to each other; paddle in a flotilla of canoes on the lake (I want to see Susan and Lindsay try to paddle while talking like mad...I want to paddle with Cheri and tease her); eat grilled wild salmon and fresh potatoes; talk late into the night over wine (and whisky for the bold)...it's all possible.  Life is too short not to try.  Let me know.

Meanwhile, the daughter is now 22 and completing her degree in Philosophy and Spanish, while working on her music. Here's a video of Zoey and her friend Evy Jane...written, performed and produced by them. I like it, but I'm the dad.


The photo is evidence that the 16th annual mens lake cruise did indeed take place. (Kate Winslet never showed...).

Does your post title indicate that 9/13 is some kind of special date for you - one that began in 1951???

Nice to see that you are still hanging out to some degree in Bloggersville.

Good video of your daughter. She has a nice voice and much poise.
“Life is too short” – and getting shorter with every passing year!
Don’t ever stop doing an occasional post – it’s always great to hear/see what you’re up to. And lurking is a lovely pastime. ;)
Wonderful photo!

Lindsay and I paddling a canoe together would be a fine thing. I have a feeling we'd both be quietly determined to win whatever race was going on and would chat interminably afterwards. There's certainly be lots of fun and laughter at such a meeting but it may just have to remain a meeting of minds on the air.

I'm glad to know you're well. Zoey and her friend are both lovely and talented.
You inspired me to return sooner than anticipated - the much needed kick-in-the-pants!
Hi Gary
Good to hear from you again on the BLOG and congratulations to Zoey and her friend Evy Jane in producing such a professional and great sounding video. Good to see you’re still doing the same excursion on your beautiful lake. All the best to you and yours. This year I have also neglected the BLOG as I am doing more volunteering – ran a series of tutorials at the recently established campus for the University of the 3rd age here at Eltham and now am also involved with setting up a new choir . Combined with my other stuff I’m almost employed full time with the only difference I don’t get paid for any of it. But it is enjoyable!! .

Best wishes
Carol, not the date, but the year is my birthyear.

Beth...happy to be of service :)

Susan, fun to imagine anyhow!

Thanks Lindsay and I'm not surprised you're very busy. I would sure love a coffee on your patio and a good chat.
A meeting will have to be planed for next September (2013). It takes some preparation for even Globetrotters to move between continents.
Zoey has it down now, and I do not say this because I like you or Zoey (which I do), I just happen to listen to music supercritical (my own as well).
I am still in Switzerland, and I am not exactly clear what my mission is as of yet. We will see.
My "blog-days" have trickled down to a meager sliver. All I see is the same old shit, people abusing other people, people in your neighborhood, people in Syria etc. Why repeating such misery on a blog, it does not help a thing. Humanity has a way of repeating itself and history learned us nothing, or very little. Work with a bunch of people from Eritrea, Somalia, Ivory Coast these days, it is not interesting, it is shocking to hear their life stories. It is difficult to muster up enough empathy to heal the wounds of these refugees.
In the mean time we Westerners sit on our filled to the rim storage chambers and whine about economic bad times.
You see Garry, as I see it, Capitalism (endless quarterly growth) will vanish as a viable option from this planet still during my lifetime (if I do not die from a heart-attack in disgust before that).
Posting comments on blogs in this spirit are superficial and useless. All has been said many a times before, from much more clever individuals than myself. And the arts, well yes, they are a healing force, but my silo is only a quarter full. So what do I do?
Gary, I feel like you were in NYC recently? Were you? If so, I'm sorry that I missed meeting you. I haven't been around much on bloggerland.

A blogger meet-up sounds fantastic. Lukas (Zee) sounds like he needs some good drink and our company to make him smile again. :-)
That is so true Nova, and I will be honored to experience your martial arts. Just be easy on me - will you?
Am I invited to this shindig??

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