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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two things - unrelated

First, I want to acknowledge the global shift that is being unleashed courtesy of the young people in Egypt. It's so inspiring to see people power lead to change...now my deep hope is that the change that follows will lead to a better Egypt. Indicators of that over time? - free elections, robust parties/debate and a strong parliament - human rights on the ground, including the rule of law and more freedom of expression - a focus on an economy that benefits people, not a few people siphoning off billions to their own pockets.

That will all come (I hope). For now - yippee!!! Amnesty's call for rights here.

Second - we spent most of January in La Manzanilla Mexico and here are a few photos from the wonderful trip:

We rescued some baby tortugas from the surf and released them safely...

Anna enjoying the garden at our house...and something funny.

The (as you can see) active volcano just outside the city of Colima

The main square in Colima, Mexico - a delightful town with beauty, history, colonial architecture, warm people and orange trees lining the streets...and almost no foreign tourists...

This lovely grandma was buried by her family, to her delight (La Manzanilla)

Just another sunset from the beach at La Manzanilla (much like Canada in January as you can see)

Long live Egypt! :) Great photos. Love the tiny turtles.

Don't wait so long to blog next time.
Thanks Sarah! And you're right - I need to get off facebook and more onto the blog...
It's going to be a long haul for the people in the middle east to get all the way through to a modicum of real self rule but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they get there. They provided a very good example to others :-)

The pictures of la Manzanilla are even more wonderful than before. Perhaps you were inspired by the company of a lovely friend.

May you see Spring in the Rockies soon.
it's thrilling to see the pride Egyptian Canadians have in what has been happening in Egypt. a (mostly) bloodless revolution. truly civilized.

'much like Canada in January'. you have a hidden cruel streak, Gary. it's warmed up to a balmy -15C here today.
i hope that the people of eqypt form a fair and just government free of tyranny. it was inspiring watching their "social change" happening.
Susan - thanks and hope spring hits the Atlantic coast with warmth and beauty.

gfid - it's -10 here tonight. One always pays!

Seraphine - me too, me too...
Beautiful photos! And the baby turtles are precious. I've never seen baby turtles.

I couldn't peel myself away from the computer as the Egyptian protests were occurring. I was so heartened. When one of us is willing to do what it takes to free ourself, the rest of us are affected and, to some degree, freed also.
Carol - true for baby turtles AND standing up to power to be free. Well put!

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