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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still here - honest

(Click photos to see larger.)

Dave, our former mayor, looking photogenic...

Morning hike

Mingulay early morning- a 55 foot idiot-proof vessel...

Fifteen feet from my kitchen door recently... "Yo Bruno!"

For a while now I've been posting less frequently than I used to. I am busy with work, as I mentioned... and I am trying to enjoy summer on the lake, as I mentioned... and supporting my kids takes time, as I mentioned.

What I might not have mentioned is that I'm also in an evolving relationship with someone who means a lot to me (Anna). Amazing what time and energy all those things together can take up...

I'm still here though, visiting your blogs once in a while and posting now and then.

I just returned from the 12th Annual Gentleman's Cruise A Palooza - a four day boat trip on Kootenay Lake, with a bunch of men friends. This year there was a smaller crew on the Mingulay - seven sailors. Cruising bays and inlets on the the 100 mile pristine lake, hiking, swimming, story-telling, bull-shitting, drinking and eating, card playing, singing around a fire - it was all there (and then there is the 'what happens on board stays on board stories). I came home grimy, stubbly, tired... and very happy.

The nights are cooler now, the days shorter and I hate to announce it, but I can feel fall in the air already. There's even bear poop in the yard some mornings, as they drop by at night to examine the fruit trees.

What's it like in your neck of the woods? Lindsay in Australia must be in the heat of summer and Gfid up north might have seen snow already. Interesting planet we find ourselves on...

And finally, since I AM rambling here... thanks so much Susan for the Kickass Award! I did register there, and will eventually get around to passing it along. Honoured my friend...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Proud dad posts song...

Zoey in living room - in grad dress and hair extensions... but it's her

A few of you have asked about my daughter Zoey's music. She writes and performs her own material (vocal and piano). People seem to like her songs - the sweet and light ones and the more angst-ridden or deeper lyrics. I like them all but am biased and based on my own singing ability, have to question her paternity sometimes...

Thanks to fellow blogger and New Yorker extraordinaire
Nova, I now have a link to one of Zoey's songs if you want a listen. Here's one of those I'd call sweet and light - it's called This is a love song

Thanks Nova.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The beat was kept

Zoey performs...

Keep the Beat was a huge success. More than 1,000 Nelsonites and visitors came the to Lakeside Park to hear eight bands and to boogie in the warm sun and swim in the lake. At the end of the night, it appears that about $12,000 will be sent off to War Child Canada to help their work. It's becoming a community event that people look forward to, and a youth development project extraordinaire.

Check out some of the musicians (and their tunes):
James Lamb
Aspen Switzer
Miss Emily Brown
Mushana Marimba
Gemma Luna
Moither Mother
Kasia Juno

My daughter Zoey performed too - if anyone can tell me how to put an MP3 on the blog, I'll post one of her songs.

As the bookkeeper, roadie, police liaison, dad for all requests and orders... I was pooped for days.

The organizing crew - all the girls and Eli...

Rosie and Zoey decorate the park

Mother Mother rock the park

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