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Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 - who'd a thought it?

When I was 18 I really did think that 30 was old. Now that I'm in my 60's I look at anyone 30 and see someone who is still in the formative stages of young adulthood. Interesting.

Mark Twain did a nice job of describing how I sometimes feel:

"I am aware that I am very old now; but I am also aware that I have never been so young as I am now, in spirit, since I was fourteen and entertained Jim Wolf with the wasps. I am only able to perceive that I am old by a mental process; I am altogether unable to feel old in spirit. It is a pity, too, for my lapses from gravity must surely often be a reproach to me. When I am in the company of very young people I always feel that I am one of them, and they probably privately resent it."

Anyhow, all this by way of saying I'm still here, as in alive on the planet and also as a sometimes blogger, who uses facebook a lot more these days. Now I'll poke around your blogs and see what's up! 

Photo by Zoey - summer 2014

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Hi Gary
Deleted my previous comment as a few too many typos.
Sounds like you’re still enjoying life and paddling away on the lake in both a physical sense and in sprit akin to that of a 30year old, but with the added wisdom of maturity. Continue to live life to the fullest, as your do, because time will continue to flash by at an ever increasing pace. Best to you and yours.

When I was 18 I felt old, when I was 25 I felt old, when I was 30 I felt old, and now that I am in my mid-40s, I still feel old. I suppose I have felt old all my life, but am only now realizing how young I really was, and still am. How ironic that the older I get, the younger I feel.

Miss reading you. :-)

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