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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hugfest Nelson

The video clip below is a few months old. Hugfest is one aspect of the work of a group called Inspire Nelson. It's an approach to get people involved in positive action in small ways... that add up. And to track those ways.

The theory is simple - whether it's climate change, human rights, social issues (dare I say 'health care in the US'), it can feel overwhelming and we can tune out or give up taking action. Yest in many many small ways we can not only make a measurable improvement, we can change how we feel about the issue - from powerlessness to hope and energy.

Organizations and other towns have picked up the software and approach and are replicating this project.

Have a look if you want. Check out the RESULTS tab.

The video is amateurish, but fun, and you get to see my main street at least a little. Hope you enjoy it and rush to the nearest human and hug them (with their consent of course...)

Oh yeah, I got two free hugs that day - good ones!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Still here...

Does anyone else feel guilty about having a blog...and blogging friends, but not using it much sometimes?

Maybe it's not guilt, maybe more a niggling sense that I'm letting someone down. Anyhow, I still lurk around your sites when I have a chance and now and then I'm back with a post. Forgive me. Visit us here in Nelson and I'll make it up with a nice dinner and canoe trip on the lake. Really.

A few updates via photography. I'll see if you can figure out which are which.

Keep the Beat
, the local War Child Canada fundraiser took place a recently. A great success again with more than $12,000 raised to send off... and about 1500 visitors.

The 12th Annual Gentleman's Cruise A Palooza
- 10 men, one 55-foot,vessel ,a 100 mile long pristine mountain lake, various intoxicants, cards, fire on the beach...you get the picture. It was really fun again.

The local osprey nest
- a 15 minute paddle to the middle of the lake (photo by Anna). This is a very succes
sful breeding area for these wonderful fishers.

Hope you are each having a swell summer (or winter if you are Lindsay)in Australia...

On a deeper note, in the words of a great modern philosopher, "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying."

- Woody Allen

Click to see photos larger...

Kootenay Lake Shoreline

Richard doing Leonardo in Titanic... or men on beer?

Aspen and Zoey perform

Face painting anyone?

15 minute paddle to osprey nest in lake (photo by Anna)

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