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Friday, March 03, 2017

Winter...what else???

The explanation: Apparently the extra ice melt and earlier breakup in the Arctic sent cold air south at the same time as the warmer, wetter Pacific winds arrived from the west. These two streams of climate-change affected wind met somewhere...oh, over Nelson perhaps. We've had the snowiest winter in decades and in February had the largest one-day dump, in a series of dumps, ever recorded in Nelson (48 centimeters).  This required shoveling around large lumps of snow on the street, until the vehicles beneath revealed themselves for more careful snow removal.

Sounds like just the right winter to decide not to go to "our" village in Mexico, eh?  "Winter's are so mild now, maybe we should take a year off and hang out more here with our friends..."

While I am grousing here a little, and I do actually dislike winter (sorry Gfid), it does have the effect of bringing the town together - whether to complain about the city plowing job, play hooky at work and hit the ski hill...or just something dependable to talk about at the coffee shop. Weather R Us.

 Coming into downtown

Sharp-shinned hawk outside my office window yesterday - eying the little guys on the feeder

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