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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Still here!

It's so long between blog posts that I wonder sometimes if I should continue leaving it up at all. However, it's sort of like an old address book - I know I may need it. I also like to look at what some of you, who I met here, are up to.

On the what's up front:
- We bought a house in town in Nelson BC and are in the midst of moving. Walking distance to everything...and the landlord where we are is delighted for us to leave our canoe on his beach (with an open invite).
- We're going to Europe this summer for a few weeks (Berlin, Paris and Devon, UK).
-  My wonderful children, who are featured in these many posts, are doing well. Zoey is in Mexico with a friend, then off to Montreal to visit her bro for a couple of months (Ryan is studying electro-acoustic music at Concordia University). Zoey has another year at UVIC in Victoria, BC.
-  I'm older than the last time I wrote here!  Still in good health, sound of mind (if a little warped in the humour department), and generally pretty happy on the 'how is it to be a humanoid now?' scale.  Still working on human rights issues, watching political news in moderation and considering wearing an Anonymous mask to work...

I'll post some photos soon. I can be found being a simple minded modern person - over at Facebook, more often than here. I know...

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