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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Nisgaa Nation - today's visit

Lava Lake, Nisgaa Nation

Lava Bed and Stream (lava beds about 10 by 2 miles)

Still on the road and moving a little too quickly. Today was special though. It's National Aboriginal Day in Canada and I spent the day on Nisgaa land. As we drove up the winding narrow road from Terrace, the beauty and spirit of the land seemed to come alive. Along with a meeting and some visiting, I was able to attend an event at Lava Lake - including traditional dancing, canoe races, a salmon BBQ and just sitting back to soak in the lovely day, sweet children, gentle elders and spectacular vistas. The photos are a taste of this area.

The Nisgaa people are self-governing and manage their affairs over a huge piece of land. While they have many problems - legacy of colonization and residential schools - they have kept their language alive, their culture active and their sense of pride, humour and fun. I learned a lot today.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A note from the road...see you in July

I haven't abandoned my blog ... or those of you who I keep in touch with. It's simply that most of May and all of June are over-booked. Over-booked on my calendar with travel, over-booked in my mind...and even in my heart.

I do consulting work and booked about 35 days of travel in these two months, most of it in northern British Columbia (stories and photos to come). We just completed a marital separation and moving to two homes (still in Nelson BC). Both children are home from international travel. In the midst of this was a very inspiring Amnesty International Canadian AGM.

The summer looks inviting - almost no travel and a quiet house overlooking Kootenay Lake, with the Selkirk Mountains as a backdrop. As my friend Cam says, "Keep your eyes on the road and stay awake, you'll get there."

The canoe is coming today.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of graffiti (keep your eyes on the road and stay awake), here's a fine piece of work from Banksy. It's from the illegal and immoral security wall built around Palestinian lands by the Israelis.

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