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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Nisgaa Nation - today's visit

Lava Lake, Nisgaa Nation

Lava Bed and Stream (lava beds about 10 by 2 miles)

Still on the road and moving a little too quickly. Today was special though. It's National Aboriginal Day in Canada and I spent the day on Nisgaa land. As we drove up the winding narrow road from Terrace, the beauty and spirit of the land seemed to come alive. Along with a meeting and some visiting, I was able to attend an event at Lava Lake - including traditional dancing, canoe races, a salmon BBQ and just sitting back to soak in the lovely day, sweet children, gentle elders and spectacular vistas. The photos are a taste of this area.

The Nisgaa people are self-governing and manage their affairs over a huge piece of land. While they have many problems - legacy of colonization and residential schools - they have kept their language alive, their culture active and their sense of pride, humour and fun. I learned a lot today.

Lord, that water's beautiful. Someday we're going to have to make a trip in that direction.

Hope all's well with you Gary.
Wow! I hope you keep posting from the road, Gary. I rely on vicarious travel!
That's wonderful. Beautiful, beautiful pix.
Gorgeous picture! I'm going to have to bring Jackie for a visit soon! hehehe
OMG....this took my breath away....thank you for sharing....
More pics, more pics!
I would love to be there with you. Thanks for sharing this trip. Beautiful.
I've been talking about you on my blog, right in front of God and everybody....
nvisiblewmn - thanks for the honour of you acknowledgement of me on your site. You were one of the first blogs I visited and commented on and it's a delight to know you and follow your wild, insightful, intelligent and humourous thoughts.
I am very interested in these self governing indigenous aborigines. I read about the negotiation of a treaty over their land to allow continuance of exploration in 2000. Maybe you could to do a follow up posting to tell us more about what you leant when talking with them and their current developments.

Beautiful scenery

Best wishes
Hope you are still on the road, seeing cool things. We'll keep checking in.
I haven't forgotten you at all - just been a little frazzled lately.

I'll try to do better.
Wistfully - I wish I could go there. Glad that you did.
*notes Nisgaa as a place to visit on my "must see before I die" list*

And sounds like an interesting visit.

oh - and I'm back in the blogging world - finally. For a while at least.

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