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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On The Road - 2007 from New Zealand

Here's a poem from my son Ryan, who has been travelling in New Zealand lately - this is his version of an update on one segment of the journey. Best read out loud...

In the Invisible Van

In the invisible van
making wrong turns and eating junkfood
The moon illuminates angel's wings in the clouds
and once again I am learning to let go

The coast approaches midday
and we drive, and sleep, and smile, and sing, and dance
with the Cat Empire on the radio and the clouds passing overheard
like mountains of mashed potatoes on God's deep blue plate

Bless us with air in our lungs and in our tires,
Bless us with kisses blown to the wind because real women are queens and real men are kings,
Bless us with your smiles and tears, your wisdoms and fears, your dreams and
your years, here ye! and Cheers!
Bless us with curses when you stub your toe, or drop a bucket of nails, or
spill milk on the cloudy carpets of heaven,
Bless us and let us drive on, float on, soar on, turn on, and burn on the
wings of the sun, always having fun,
Bless us, confess us, profess us, collect us, respect us, undress us, Big
ups, and Best ofs!
Bless us and breathe in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out and

The Invisible Van
arriving and departing simultaneously
Like it's passengers, thoughts, lives, waves in the sea, and sounds all
synchronized in this moment
over and over and over again

The Invisible Van
full of smoke and mirrors that are as clear as illusion
Like a golden sea under a blue sun,
if it's stuck then unglue it
We are nothing but light
and the colours shining through it

I can relate to that - had similar experiences when I was down there.
NZ-Land of the Great white cloud with such amazing scenery.
I enjoyed reading your son’s poetry!!

Best wishes
Very cool.

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