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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I'm back from a wonderful break in La Manzanilla, Mexico (not to ever be confused with Manzanillo, Mexico - an hour to the south). I worked very hard while there - it takes a lot to fill every day with naps, reading, beach walks, snorkeling, eating, more naps, chatting with locals and visitors and maybe a little more reading. By the end of each day, I was ready for a deep sleep.

It's still winter here, but I carry some of the heat inside at least.

Books I read included Cormac MacCarthy's latest, The Road; Richard Ford's latest, The Lay of the Land and thanks to
Jublu, I got cultured in a classic through Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth.

Thanks to Kyle for this article if you want to read more about this place lost-in-time (for now).

About 5 or so kilometres long, with a smaller village at the other end.

I walked a mile down the beach every evening to watch the show.

See next photo, taken just around the corner...

Welcome back Gary! Sounds like you need another vacation because you've been exhausting yourself with timing those naps regularily. :)

Love the "don't swim unless you want to get eaten by a croc" sign.

Seems like the much needed getaway...the beach looks calming and the sunset looks rejuvinating.
Hola Amigo! How lucky you are to have had such a nice get-away. Sounds perfect.
I know it's cliche but.. what a beaut!
There are so many beautiful places in Mexico. Before kids, my hubby and I took off with several friends in a VW Bus and traveled deep into Baja Mexico. We camped in a little village. It was so much fun trying to learn which houses to buy the tortillas from and who served lobster tacos in their home. We actually had to buy beer from guys riding around in boats on the bay. I still think that was probably our greatest vacation ever!

These pictures remind me of it.

Glad you had fun!
Sounds like you enjoyed a very relaxing break. I think maybe you are also a genuine speed reader!!

A beautiful place as the photos testify

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what do you think ?
Sounds like a lovely time to me.
Welcome back!

Lovely pics Gary...and then the books...I am sure you had a great time in Mexico! Recently I was watching 'Babelon' in which I saw a wedding in Mexico.

just how close did you get to the alligator to take her picture?? (actually she looks more like a crocodile)

very very jealous, hope you enjoyed every minute...

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