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Saturday, January 13, 2007

A peaceful evening...

From Banksy, a wonderful artist in the UK (known for graffiti)...
(Click to see larger - please do!)

My God, that is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
the details in the larger image are amazing! I just worry a little for the elephant. . .

gives a whole new meaning for the elephant in the room - I always imagined the one who wanders through my house to be quite technicoloured...
The pictures in the background crack me up. The red elephant is too jarring, though. My nerves start jangling when I look at the whole picture (is "jangling" a word? I don't care enough to look it up). Anyway, I guess a graffiti artist would have a sense of humor.
Definitely must view it larger. Very cool.
Yeah, it jangles, doesn't it? Whole new meaning to 'the elephant in the room'. I once worked with elephants (in a zoo) and they were clearly intelligent, engaging and generally fun to be with.

There's a story that ends with Speedy the elephant swinging his trunk up from behind me - sending me flying. THen he pranced up and down laughing. He even laughed for a few days after - each time I came into his house.
I was looking at this image and thinking "interesting" and then I worried about the poor elephant. I can't help it...it looks so sad to have been painted so.

Sorry Gary, but in your story I'm rooting for Speedy. :)
Gary, someday, you'll have to do a blog about all the unusual things you've done. Maybe a list?

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