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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Congratulations Stephane Dion!

The Liberal Party of Canada has chosen its new national leader, Stephane Dion. He was a dark horse, who came up the middle in the 3rd and 4th ballot to beat out the two perceived front-runners (by many at least), Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff. Monsieur Dion is an academic type who reminds me of Dennis the Menace's father (in appearance). He has been called 'anti-charismatic' by some.

His priority is to work for a sustainable future for Canada - a future that addresses climate change and the environment, while maintaining a successful economy and promoting social justice. and I think he means it.

Here's my take: The Liberals need to regroup from their many years in power. They were recently spanked and sent to their room for arrogance, corruption and scandal (gotta love many years in power). I think Stephane Dion is a many of integrity and who needs charisma anyhow - it's over-rated, believe me.

I hope he leads the Liberals to win the government in the next election.


I second your view Gary. I'm liking what he's trying to work on for Canada.
Let's hope the cool and academic heads will prevail. Though that said, I'm sure 'politics' is going to rear its ugly head sometime,
"Anti-charismatic"? As in, he's opposed to charisma in some way? ;P Funny. He does look a bit like D the M's father. Good luck.
Gary -One redeeming feature of politicians is their rapid response to public opinion , whether or not it be well informed.

In this case the winds of change are fortunately turning now both in Canada and Australia towards sustainability.

Then soon will appear I forecast a tidal wave of popular support, from out of the Blue so to speak but not a moment too soon !!

Best wishes
I was thinking he looked more like Walter, the one whose nemesis was Dennis, but now I see you have a different Dennis the Menace to us! Our Dennis's Dad was bald with a comb-over, see. He always brandished a slipper - which he must have kept in his pocket to explain why he always produced one at the appropriate time.

there, a little piece of UK cultural history shared. you need charisma in UK politics, I'm afraid.
Ian - are you sure that wasn't Mr. Wilson, Dennis's neighbour? He had a combover etc.

Charisma in the UK - like the queen you mean :)
My god Ian! Walter looks even more like Stephane Dion that the N. American fall guy...

Thanks for the update.

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