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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For those in Darfur and Chad...

If you go to this link , you can listen to a recorded report from Chad from Alex Neve, an Amnesty International leader from Canada (and a friend and colleague). It's not easy to listen to, but I think it's important. I hope we can wake up our governments - and that intervention will happen soon.

I worked in Darfur many years ago (with the Red Cross). I saw a video clip on the news last year of a village burning (after murder and rape beyond comprehension) - it was a village I visited years ago to meet with the leaders and assess the children's health.

I tune all this out sometimes, because it's just too much... Other times I'm sad - right now I'm mad.

It's one of those things that is almost unbearable to know, but then I know I can't turn away either.

What an interesting life you live, Gary. I wish I could say I've done as much for others and for the planet as you've done.
Very inspiring. There's so much to be done in the world, many people would rather turn a blind eye to the jobs that lay ahead. It's nice to hear from those who do not.
It is for me incomprehensible what is going on on the African continent, the numbers of violent deaths are too overwhelming. Is it therefore the world at large shuns to know?
Amazing what priorities our world Leaders have ; (
The World should have responded to these atrocities a long, long time ago, instead
of waging a War that tears up other peoples lives for no good reason ; (
Thanks for posting on my blog Gary. I like your site — and your teenage son who writes poetry is so precious. I have 11 and 12 year old boys...does puberty ever go away?

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