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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time for a poem

Some of you know that my teenage son Ryan writes poetry (on an old manual typewrite no less). He's been working hard lately to raise money for a trip this winter to Thailand and New Zealand (at least). But he keeps writing. Here's a sample that I like.

Love: An Exercise in Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Love is the rose that blossoms,
Bright red, pink, white petals
Reflecting the burning passion
Of the sun.
But love is not just the rose itself.
It is the Earth that the rose is
Firmly planted in,
The water
That provides life to the heart of the rose,
And the air that is the invisible backdrop
Behind the process
Of everything that takes place.

Love sits quietly in the depths of the soul of creation
It flows through me when my mind tunes in
And fuses with my heart.
Manifesting as a glowing light filling
The void of timlessness with a
Clarity and peacefulness
That lies at the base of everything
I do not know.

Love sits quietly in the depths...

What a beautiful line. That typewriter is honoured.
I love it!
Eloquent sentiments and beautiful visual imagery

best wishes
Simply lovely.
"That lies at the base of everything I do not know is brilliant." What an insightful you man. My best to him, he is a special person. You are a lucky and no doubt wonderful Father.
Sensitive and beautiful. What a fine young man!
With a heart that can direct writing like that, you have a great kid.
A poem that makes one think Ryan/Gary!Keep it up...look forward to see more from you Ryan -You are such a promising poet!

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