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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The essence of autumn

The slow draining of life from a leaf, until it dries and falls. Great symbol of how life hides during winter to emerge again in spring. These are on a tree I planted in our yard 10 years ago.
(Click to see larger.)

There are very few trees in this part of the world that display red in the fall. That's beautiful, I love the veining.
That's a gorgeous picture.
I agree, that’s beautiful, the changing season prompts me to try a rhymed response.

As the leaves rustle melodies so sweet
Feel nature’s rich carpet warm under your feet
Earth now responds to Mother Nature’s call
Winter hibernations till after the fall

Grey skies above from a rich blue hue
Earthly inhabitants bid summer fond adieu
Colours of gold to grey then white
Natures new season in the fading daylight
Gorgeous! I LOVE this time of year. And we're thinking alike, Gary. I posted pix of our trip to Amish country to hunt for pumpkins.
Beau-tee-ful. the leaves here usually fall from exhaustion.
What a gorgeous picture. It would make a wonderful watercolor painting.

This is my favorite time of the year.


P.S. I deleted my boring-little-blog (arrgghhh) but I have a new one now.
Lindsay, what beautiful verse ... sounds like you have a Canadian spirit within you.

YEs Josie, if only I could paint.
Can I borrow this picture, Gary? Giving proper credit, of course.
Beautiful!! Here on the Gulf Coast of Texas we get very little autumn colors. The (imported) Chinese Tallows that have spread like weeds are about the only trees that give us lovely colors. In central Texas a tiny stand of Maples survived the changing climate over the millenia and do their part to enchant us.
Wow! You're making me home sick for Canada!!
Dear Gary,
A lovely photo and wise words! Good to have you back!
The colours are lovely. And you can really see the colours draining away. Good picture Gary! Thanks for sharing.
ah what a photo.
the earth is still taking her great breath in before resting, drawing in all her energy deep within herself till solstice and it is time to breathe out again.

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