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Friday, September 29, 2006

A sad day that will be remembered

The US Senate has passed controversial legislation endorsing President George W Bush's proposals to interrogate and prosecute foreign terror suspects.


"This longstanding tradition of our country about to be abandoned here is one of the great, great mistakes that I think history will record," Democrat Chris Dodd told the Senate.

Others backed claims by human rights groups that worry that the complex set of rules will allow harsh techniques that border on torture - such as sleep deprivation.

"This bill gives an administration that lobbied for torture exactly what it wanted," said Senator John Kerry.

Gary, you simply must stop my place to take a gander at the picture that I posted about Dubya's love of torture.
Gary, as a Canadian, I just never could bring myself to become American just wanting to leave the door open. This is so disturbing I can't tell you. More disturbing because life goes on here as if nothing is going on..at times I am sick of living in this country..
I don't know what to do or how to deal with it..it is most worrisome indeed and comparisons between Nazi Germany are getting closer and closer 'one salami slice' at a time'..
Many of us posted on the same thing today.

The latest in a long list of disastrous decisions over the past few years.
they are "legallizing" what they
have done all along.


bastardization of the term.
We hear so much about the things that are supposed to be a threat to our way of life: gay marriage, flag desecration, failure to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.... People don't seem to see the really important things any more. Sadly, I am teaching about the Constitution this week. I have been thinking what a miracle it was and how easily it could be lost. I would post about it, but it makes me feel very ill.
I am still out of breath. It is like someone punched my stomach, deliberately.
On the other hand, it has to get worse ... maybe real bad, before people start to wake up.

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