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Friday, September 22, 2006

Make your voice heard in America - it's a crisis...

I got this letter from Larry Cox today, from Amnesty USA. If you have a moment, read it and act. It may or may not stop the madness, but you will have voiced your dissent - they won't think you support them... or are nicely asleep, watching ET and Survivor. I know you're not.

Dear Gary

Yesterday, President Bush and several members of the Senate struck a deal on human rights. In the process, they dealt away America's commitment to fundamental human rights principles.

Make no mistake about it, this deal is a betrayal of the America we believe in. No human rights activist can remain on the sidelines in the days ahead. Call on your Senator to oppose these dangerous provisions. We are literally days away from action in Congress on a proposal to:

The soul of our nation is in jeopardy. Everything we believe in is on the line. That's why we're mobilizing the entire Amnesty community. We're going into action today and we won't stop until every last Senator has made it clear whether he or she is willing to stand up for the America we believe in.

Please act today. Those behind this dangerous deal are doing everything they can to quickly build momentum. We have to break that momentum and we have to do it now.

We implore you to call Congress immediately.

If America renounces the Geneva Conventions like President Bush wants to do, nations all over the world will follow. American soldiers will be placed in greater threat of torture and cruel treatment when captured, not just by one or two rogue nations, but by many nations that follow America's lead.

Call 1 800 AMNESTY and our operators will connect you to your official or call the Congressional switch board directly at 202-224-3121. Let the person on the phone know that you are a constituent, and tell them that the deal President Bush has struck is a betrayal of the America you believe in. Ask your Senators and Representative to stand firm in defense of human rights.

After you've made your call, report back on how it went.

Thank you.

Larry Cox
Executive Director
Amnesty International USA

Just as we thought it was safe to laugh a little..tss..
I'll copy and paste it in my blog if you don't mind so that the link will also take people to the Amnesty USA page..
it's one salami slice at a time Gary...
Oh Ingrid... it's safe to laugh - probably critical. But there is work to do too...
I think it enlightening that at least we have such organisations as Amnesty, who galvanise good people to action, for this is a very disappointing conclusion, a long standing desire by the US to make up its own rules and thumb its nose at the rest of the world.
best wishes
Does anybody connect the dots when they "elect" these yahoos? President Bush has behaved exactly as predicted. And yet he has served two terms in office anyway. Didn't anybody get it? He is going to leave such a mess behind for someone else to clean up.

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