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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Guess what this is...

As soon as someone identifies what this is a photo of, I will tell you a little about an interesting vacation a couple of weeks ago. Get creative if you don't recognize it...

Too easy bro, it's a tipi right? Come on tell me what did I win.. A tipi tour through Canada? I'd like that ;-)
hey..you beat me to it..of course a tipi. This nursery (organic type) nearby has one..they're not too expensive supposedly but for me unfortunately, they are..
Love the Haida Indian stuff Gary..aah, beautiful British Columbia..it's been too long..sigh
btw..Dimitri..reporting from a nice warm beach or are you home yet? I just checked in to see a few days ago..hmmm (cafe open yes or no??)
tipi - i built one.
Jeez - I thought this would be a tough one.

DA, if you send me your post address, I will send you a prize - not a tipi trip across Canada - something smaller... and perhaps just a little weird or unusual.

A couple of weeks ago we had a family gathering (mother, brothers, kids) at the Quaaout Lodge, run by the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band.

In addition to great food (including lots of fresh salmon and game meats, for those who eat them), there was a beautiful warm lake, canoes, horses, hiking trails and a real treat, the early run of the sockeye salmon on the nearby Adams River.

The fish are bright orange with green heads at this stage and are fighting the stream with all their nature.

The cultural story of the Shuswap people was evident throughout the resort as well (so were the Shuwsap people themselves).

Highlights for me were a dawn paddle alone on a mirror calm lake, with loons calling... and drinking enough good single malt whisky to act stupid one evening (I don't let go too often and it wasn't that stupid...)

I did also sit and mediatate early each morning in this empty tipi and took a photo looking through the vent hole one morning.

I thought it looked interesting and mysterious - apparently it looked like a tipi to Dimitri, Ingrid and Sophie!
-insert deep jealous sigh here- good to see you are living the good life..

but hey, I won a prize!! I never win prizes..You bet I'm gonna send you my whereabouts Gary. Are you gonna hand it over to me personally?

Yes Ingrid, CAFE DA is alive and kicking again..
A cute little contest...

I love fresh salmon but can't say I've ever really eaten game meats, although I would definitely try. Sounds like a dream vacation for sure.
Shoot, I get here and somebody already won the teddy bear. Just my luck, bummer.
... and I thought it was a hot air balloon with a gashing hole, therefore it landed by that tree.
Hope you have more contests in the future Gary, I want to win something too :)
it's not a wigwam, then? :oP
When I saw this picture, before I read the comments, I was going to ask you why you put a Maypole inside a tent!
Did you go parasailing?
Hey, I like the Maypole inside a tent - it does indeed look a little like a Maypole hidden cult in the making.

Jublu,I don't parasail, but I did drink single malt and go out and look at the milky way - a very similar sensation I expect...
Gary, you SO don't want to know what my first impression was when I saw the picture.....

I will tell you what it looks like to me. (don't say I didn't warn you)

a womb with a view

roughly speaking, it looks like, to me anyhow, the inside of a woman's birth canal looking out.

hey, you asked.
I emailed Callooh and said, "Please tell us." Thanks you for complying.

A womb with a view - cool!

Now that you mention it, I am having a birth regression experience. My God, I've seen that view before! Don't make me come into this horrible world... I want to stay warm and dark and slooshy. Noooo, not the tipi pole part of the journey... Mommmmy!

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