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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Toronto hosts HIV/Aids conference

Twenty-four thousand delegates are gathering for a big international conference on HIV and Aids, which begins in Toronto today. The number of people around the world infected with the virus that causes AIDS is now more than 45 million. The poorest countries have the worst outcomes (and the least resources for prevention, treatment and support).

Stephen Lewis, the UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa is a keynote speaker at the conference and an incredibly passionate advocate . Bill Gates and Bill Clinton will speak also. The Gates Foundation just announced a $500 million contribution to the Global Fund on HIV/AIDS.

Our compassionate Prime Minister, Stevie Harper, has decided he doesn't have time to attend. He's probably busy meeting with church groups to preach abstinence... or busy fighting crime or cutting daycare for poor families or taxes for rich people or scuttling the Kyoto Accord. What a busy twit he is...

I was thrilled when The Globe and Mail published my letter to the Editor about this today.......you can check it out on my blog.
Gotta love that compassionate conservatism.
Twit sounds like a good description!
Harper is a Bush clone. He will realize one day soon that their days in the sun are waning.
Gary! It's =STEPHEN=! His mother doesn't like anyone to call him Stevie...
(hehe)..anyhoo..I thought Clinton's speech was most interesting, noting this research that said that circumcision could prevent the spread of AIDS. I am too ignorant to understand that though.. at least, people are continuing to talk on issues like this...never mind who attends or not, as long as those who are important do , they're the ones who actually do the real work anyway

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