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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cycle of violence will not end this way

Okay, there are many parties to the conflict raging in Lebanon, Israel and the Occupied Territories today.

The US and Israel are loving the chance to pound Lebanon and move the border back again (invasion by Sunday I bet). The US is loving the chance to crank up the war rhetoric against Iran and Syria. Hezbollah and Hamas are loving the chance to crank up the extremist sentiments again and to please their Shiite brethern. Iranian and Syrian leaders can stand tall and act tough. Europe can sit on the sidelines and tsk tsk.

Meanwhile, it's estimated that about 500,000 Lebanese civilians have left their homes, several hundred are dead (one third are children
) and more than 1000 are wounded. The infrastructure in a recently rebuilt Lebanon is being methodically destroyed - this is not defence folks. More than 30 Israelis have also died, in rocket attacks, and the kidnapped soldiers are, of course, nowhere to be found.

Let me ask you? How is the cycle of revenge and 'measured' response working so far? Peace on the horizon? Two nation-states respecting each other? Milk and honey in the holy land? No kidding...

And this could easily escalate into a major war - some superstitious, melancholic, Bible and Koran toting nutjobs (lots of them) would love to see it. Hey! It's prophesized in the holy books. (When will the rational brain overcome the superstitious middle ages religious claptrap? But that's another post.)

It's time for strong condemnation of the targeting of civilians - on both sides. It's time for Israel to be reined in (are you listening George and Donald?). It's time for people all over the world to begin shouting that the only way to peace is if the strength and money of the world's powers come to the region to demand it. Israel with the right to exist. Palestine with secure borders and resources to build an economy - with whoever they democratically elect as leaders. Negotiate or lose your big fat donation cheques...all of you, including the Israeli Defence Force.

I am so sad for the mothers and babies, for the old grandmas and grandpas, for the boys and girls...for the land itself.

Interesting change of heart in the UK in the news today.

Gary, I wonder if Bush will listen to Blair? Nope, that was a stupid question.

Why is it that so many people are so willing for babies and grandpas and grandmas and parents and teenagers to die just because of where they live or what they believe in?

Why in the world would our government not support a ceasefire? Has that ever been done in history, a world leader declaring let the killing continue?
My only concern right now is for my good friend, her husband, their baby (not even a year old) and her mother who all went to Lebanon on vacation a while back. My friend's twin sister, brother and father are sick with worry here in Canada. I hate this.
I hate this too. I wasn't this afraid even during the Bay of Pigs and right after 9/11.

It's almost as if they were forcing the situation to conform to the prophecy.
Militarily, every country in the Middle East is very weak - morally and physically (except Israel). Paraguay could roll over Iran in drunken weekend. These people like to play pretend. Living in this part of the world is like living in the ghetto and trying to bring civility. It is not going to happen.

If a people cannot take care of themselves, why should outsiders think they can babysit them.

Maybe someday, young people will unite and take control of the future of their territory.
All apartheid must necessarily fail.
I'm heartsick about all this. It's completely mad and destructive from both sides.
It's hard to put forward a convincing argument against acts that we have recently committed ourselves, and without much remorse. we like to think of ourselves as erudite, cultured and civilised but in development terms we are closer to primitive tribes than a true civilisation.

only when 'co-operation' surpasses 'competition' as a highly prized human virtue will peace stand any chance of enduring (but that's another post)
I stick with Ian's train of thought
Thanks all so far. Bohemian - I like the phrase "Paraguay could roll over Iran in a drunken weekend", even though I'm not sure it's true. You do come to the point though!

Yes Ian (and Zee) - cooperation as a value higher than competition. We're not there are we?

Basic premise: if a cycle of revenge and violence would work to resolve this issue, why is it farther than ever from resolved. Something new needs to be tried...
"It's time for strong condemnation of the targeting of civilians - on both sides." Amen, brother. Good basic premise; I think it makes sense, but we're in a minority.

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