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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Poetry Contest

This is the real thing... I have a prize to award! I won't reveal the prize in advance as it may intimidate you into not entering... or you may say, "Jeez - why write one word for that?"


Create a five line poem, in any format, rhyming or not. However, it must begin with this line:

I was young and free on a summer day

In order to be fair and just and Canadian ...to not offend any of my blogger friends, the winner will be chosen by a random draw.

Come on now, you all have it in you (and Lindsay, you can change the line to a winter day if you have to stay in the Aussie season.)

P.S. That's a photo of our house, taken from the community garden area at early evening. I like the lighting.

the picture of your hose is awesome - poem is in the making.... OK?
... shit : HOUSE!
(I still have keyboard issues)
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I was young and free, on a summer day
it was pouring rain, real gentle I know
then I left my home, and went astray
ventured the world - moving slow
this summer day, told me to go

This is mine, and here is Wallis contribution:

I was young and free on a summer day
it was July on my seventh birthday
while I was sitting on concrete steps
watching, puzzling over hundreds
of tiny, orange, red creatures called lice.

Hi Gary,
great idea!
Your house and its surroundings look amazing...a perfect place for poetry...

"I was young and free on a summer day
Walking with my first love
In the garden of thousand blooms
While our souls danced in ecstasy
And that moment we entered into eternity"
I was young and free on a summer day, the sun turned blood red, it was very hot. The sky was falling, i drank some warm dr. pepper. That man I killed in Tulsa was entering my mind. Then, at that very moment, AAKDJF;;AUVJL;JI[8R3DAF;LKDSA'JOF'QKFL'KL'FKFK'FDKL;'LL;.....................................
Good so far...

Zee, we have an excellent hose too, I can post a photo later. Good work on the poetry, Wallis too.

Abhay, lovely as I would hope from you.

Bohemian, slightly weird and a tad disturbing, but we'll take it as poetry...sounds like you're channeling Cormac MacCarthy or something.
I was young and free on a summer's day
Well - free, as in, you know
Rather than free, as in, not expensive.
Not that I was expensive,
You understand,
There was never any money changing hands
No, the hands changed
Of their own volition
First one thing, then the next
Malleable as a pair of dishgloves
But not smelling so strongly of latex.
LOL!! Sorry, these guys are good, I cannot contribute. Give a price to all of them! Too funny, and oh ahm, sorry, very deep, yeah..deep!

I was young and free on a summer's day,
t'was hot in July, Canada Day eh?
So I listened to the music all over Ottawa town
When this street performer came over to me , some freaky clown
said, I like you young lady, but stop talkin' bout "young" and "free", I'm trying to play! ) eh?
I was young and free on a summer's day
Thoughts of space and universe so very far away
Sunbeams on my shoulders, burdens are off my back
Beauty of the bushland leads down my bushland track

Rain forest beckons to me, scents from a gentle breeze
Rustle of natures inhabitants in the tall and slender trees
Noon day hush soon is over, sun rays lay down to rest
Sunset a vision splendour nature shows for me what’s best
The competition is getting fierce! I'm glad I don't have to choose a winner on merit.

Madcap - have you been hitch-hiking around with Jack Kerouac and listening to jazz all night while sipping on red wine? That's a wild, wonderful poem.

Ingrid - I love it! Eh!

Lindsay - you took me to Oz in my mind - lovely.
Ingrid, I'm in Ottawa right now - how did your poetry move from Texas to Ottawa?
oops -I forgot s/b only 5 lines ; reworded to fit.
I was young and free on a summer’s day, as thoughts of space and universe were so very far away.
Sunbeams were on my shoulders, the burdens was off my back.
Beauty of the bushland lead me back to my bush track.
Rain forest before me, its inhabitants enjoy a noonday rest.
As noon day hush is over, as sun lays down to rest, it was my mother nature to show for me what’s best
OK, here goes --

I was young and free on a summer day
When chrome-plated water buffalo got bling in the sidecar
Precariously stooped, and swearing like Brando
Ridged and cropped from the feign of an outbreak
Fancy as pants, as bobblehead sparrows
Oh good grief, I should have read the directions, huh? Five lines. Well, consider them re-arranged, then.

I'm flattered that you think I'm potentially cool enough to drink red wine with Jack Kerouac! I'm not, but thanks!

Now, what I'd like to know is who has PT been hanging around with? And what's he been imbibing?
eeekk! I HATE rules.....

although that openner rules out any sort of serious poetry - at least from me!

will be back soon with with something....!
i was young and free on a summer day...that's a pentametre doncha know? :o)

i was young and free on a summer day
and removing my shirt to brown in the hay
succumbed so easily to the hot UV ray
but unconsciously hidden in the way
of an earthly grim reaper; i was toast!
i was young and free on a summer day
young-ish, i suppose - but didn't cost much
actually, to be honest, middle-aged
and listen, i had these three mouths to feed.
okay - i was old!, and eaten with greed.

(i wish i could compare thee to a summer's day but i can't seem to) ;o)
i was young and free on a summer day
as hand in hand we strolled through St. James Park
and i laid my coat for you upon that grass
and into each eyes we gazed and i'll always remember
you said, ian. why have you brought your coat on a day like this?

and it was going so well! :o)
great photo of your house, gary - it looks a nice, homely place to live. :o)
I do love your house. What a perfect house for the setting and vice versa. Do you spend a lot of time just sitting outside? I would!

I was young and free on a summer day
And I walked, kicking up the dust behind
My tracks covering, yet leaving them, too
But the young don't know about settling dust
And the way our paths can always be found

Don't put me in the drawing! I'm already in your debt! ;) I just enjoyed participating and reading. (Although Zee has me feeling itchy and I'm still laughing at Madcap's changing hands).
Hmmmm, I'd like to revise my poem a bit. I think I got a little too fancy and lost clarity....

I was young and free on a summer day
And I walked, kicking up the dust behind
Covering my tracks, yet leaving them, too
But the young don't know about settling dust
And the way our paths can always be found

PT - if you and Madcap AND Kerouac got together, the world would change (and you certainly are cool enough for Kerouac Madcap - if he knew you he might still be alive...)

Callooh - go ahead and break the rules - it wouldn't be the first time, you poetry rebel you. (You'll still be in the draw).

Ian, you are funny, especially poem number 2... and I always thought your forte was photography.

Jublu - lovely imagry and subtle meaning - I like it a lot.

Lindsay, it's better every time.

Maybe I'll have to publish these poems as a post when all are in.
Oh, thanks for the nice words on the house. We built it 10 years ago as a sort of mountain valley farmhouse - cozy. I do spend a lot of time sitting outside, at least this time of year.

In the past 2 months, these creatures have wandered through the field: deer, moose, elk, bear and coyote (and maybe some things I didn't see, but I'm sure there was never a 'chrome plated water buffalo' (see Progressive Traditionalist up above).
I was young and free on a summer day
Pondering my blog-o-verse-a-ray
I knew I was "one"
And the year sure was fun
But the issues and stuff didn't exactly lend themselves to the AABBA rhyme scheme, so I threw up my hands in despair, took a good look at them, noticed they were conspicuously empty and poured myself a celebratory drink.


Since we're not all sitting around the same kitchen table, Chive and I will have to drink one (with suitable solemnity) in your honour, here in Horsebite.

You're on my list of "dailies" ya know. Thanks for keeping me up to date with all the happenings in the big wide world this past year!
I was going to go with "minotaur" rather than "water buffalo," but I thought that maybe the water buffalo would look better with the fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.

btw, nice photo. Kinda makes me homesick for BC, and I've never been there before.
A second entry:

I was young and free on a summer day --
Relatively speaking, of course;
Oh sure, I had been younger and freer before...
But still it was summer -- quite summery in fact;
Summery as a chrome-plated water buffalo sipping wine with Kerouac & Madcap!
yeah, nice house but look at the state of your front lawn! is it the dangerous critters that excuse the occasional use of the mower? you could have the perfect croquet lawn under that lot! (plus a few lost units of the japanese imperial army).

i was young and free on a summer day
and out i strolled for to cut the grass
but i was young and i was free
- and on a summer day?!!!
so instead i just sat on my...armchair

(hmmm, needs a better rhyme). ;o)
I was young and free on a summer day
Lying on the grass keeping thoughts at bay
Jackie running round and round
The perfect moment that stood its ground
Lucky me, now that I'm free.
May I send Jackie to you for a few days so she can enjoy running round and round in all that open space? :)
I was young and free on a summer day
it was before I went astray
to be lost in a world that only shouts
and doesn't care of your whereabouts

Make up the fucking fifth line to complete the rhyme.
I was young and free on a summer day
my lips were hot, and I was gay
no not a fag, just a happy young man
trying to seduce whatever I can
but that summer day, has vaned away
I was young and free on a hot summer day
when I met Gary and went astray
his pants were fine
and so were mine
is there much more to say?
What do you mean by "free" Gary ..
Young, hot summer and day are OK, but free?
ok, ok, "hot" wasn't part of the original - apologies!
I was young and free on a summer day
Hang on, I'm still young aren't I?
And it's summer now
Now free - that's a whole other debate
Let's say, I'm young and "free" on a summer day.
i was jung and freud on a summer day
we had split personality, see
we was built that way, like
we believed i was a piece of self assembly furniture
we was always falling apart.
Vee looks like a supermodel in her new picture.
First of all - this whole post and set of messages is beginning to feel far too much like a wild party! Zee, you must be sitting there with a bottle of Jack Daniels belting out a poem with every sip - go man go!

Vee, you are looking lovely in your new photo (and I've met Vee for coffee, she's as lovely in person). Yes, Jackie can come and visit and I'll introduce her to Jake, the neighbour Golden Lab who might just be interested in showing her around.

Ian, you and Zee could be looking at a poetry slam soon - both of you on stage, one poem after the other... bloggers cheering you on. Also Ian, there actually is a very small mowed lawn next to the house, I keep it well mowed to keep the weeds looking green.

And now - there are 2 more days to submit a poem - forget the rules since most of you did anyhow.

Callooh, I know it would be slumming to put one of your poems here, but don't hold back!
I guess I should bust a rhyme too...

I was young and free on a summer day,

Eating babaganoush and olives with her...in an Israeli cafe.

We argue, a fighter jet booms by, a man shouts, ancient river overflows within...

Two tables over - another captures my gaze and smiles with green eternal eyes.
Gary, you totally made me smile ever so wide with your comment on my blog re: headlines. lol thanks. Gary and thanks for your comments here. I think Jackie's already waiting by the door ready to head over to your place.

Jublu: thanks a ton!! wow... that was totally out of the blue.
So what's the best day for me to come and visit you and especially your house and the beautiful woods? I'm free just about every day for the rest of my life.
PoP - anytime is fine, just email first...
I was young and free on a summer day,
basking in a field of yellow flowers,
hearing small insects rustling in the foliage
and making cloud pictures in a pale blue sky.
A summer afternoon, an eternal memory.
Ok, I know the contest is over, but here's one more:

I was dumb and fried on a summer's day
See the second post above this to see the winner of this summer poetry slam.
Gary, your house is GORGEOUS. I love all the green. You are lucky, and I am envious.
Gary, sorry I'm late to come back to this post.. I 'moved from texas to ottawa' because 1, I lived in Ottawa whilst in Canada (and I am Canadian eh, don't let the texas part confuse you) and 2, you're Canadian so i wanted to be apropos..
Thanks Ingrid - very nice and Canadian of you :)

Helen, it is lovely here and the human geography is too. This area is full of artists, writers, activists, healers and conversationalists.
I was young and free on a summer day,
When I decided to go to Gary's house for a good long stay.
It looked so cool, green and pleasant there,
I decided to take in the mountain air.
However, I woke from my dream to the relentless heat & steam.

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