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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Said the spider to the fly...

This lovely creature is working the space just outside our kitchen window. I leaned off the deck to get close and snap her photo - mountain background (click to embiggen... and see the web more clearly).

aah..reminds me of when I used to visit my oldest sister who had emigrated to Kelowna..I loooved the pinetrees and the smell and the Rockies...
wish I could find my own 'spider pick'..freaky thing had such long legs..but, apparently was good for bug control so I turned a blind eye!
A kitchen room with a marvelous view Gary. Can you ski over there too?
I'm way too distracted by the magnificent mountain to see the spider.
Okay, next time I'll post photos of the freakin mountains - so much for my nature photo :)

Yes DA, there are magnificent ski hills near here (Whitewater and Red Mountain for example). We also have glaciers within an hour of home with snow year round. There is a natural hotspring with caves to swim in that is 30 minutes from our door. This is a heavenly area that we're mostly keeping secret. Blogger friends welcome!

Nelson Lifestyle
Were you complaining about me at the Cafe DA? ;)
Jublu... of course I wasn't complaining, I was simply pointing out your wonderful critical and analytical skills :)
I'm really fascinated with spiders. I think they're gross - but still beautiful in a way. I get overwhelmed with awe sometimes - thinking we're the same. Exactly the same kinds of atoms. Takes my breath away at times. Mostly I just think they're gross, though. *lol*
I did hold a taratula once - it was cute! But that's different..
hi Gary,
great photo!
Your photographic skills are extraordinary.Thanks for sharing.
I love spiders, won't let anyone kill them, my youngest daughter and I carry them out of the house when we find them.

Beautiful picture.
your spider looks the same as ours. i took some moments to watch a spider outside our window spin a web - i wondered if there were left handed and right handed spiders. our one went clockwise around the radials (fwiw). or is it like water going down the drain? Australian spiders go anticlockwise - something to do with the sun. :o)

of course, garden spiders are different from house spiders. if you chuck a house spider out, the first thing it wants to do is come back in! its a bit like dumping a polar bear in the jungle. keep them in the house i say - organic fly paper. ;o)
Yes, they are interesting and, if left in a quiet corner, do a good job on the insects. I don't like them crawling on my too much, but usually remove them gently.
I leave my spiders alone, too.I love to see them working. Fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, the poisonous ones have to go (not killed, just moved). My neighbor found a black widow in her garage and we worried about it maybe biting someone - so I re-located it to Griffith Park. I sure hope it does OK in its new home. Lots of bugs to eat up there for sure. Black widows are stunningly beautiful. And BIG!

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