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Friday, April 09, 2010

Welcome Aboard Flight 2010!

I fly too much (on airplanes that is, there can never be too many dream-flights, even if for some odd reason I'm usually wearing only my jockey shorts when I soar...)

Last year I think I flew about 30 times. A round trip from Vancouver to Toronto generates about 1200 pounds of CO2 (my share that is). Our lovely vacation in Australia chalked up another 4,600 lbs each. Just to compare, driving about 15,000 kilometres in my Subaru Outback shoves about 11,200 lbs of CO2 into our collective faces. Look here if you want to do your own calculations.

Okay, I did pay some carbon offsets, but still...

I have a friend who is mourning Mexican vacations because she plans to never fly again. Me? I am trying to be more sensible, reducing the number of flights and paying carbon offsets.

Just for fun, have a look at large aircraft flying around planet earth in one 24 hour period. And have a look at Europe and North America if you doubt those who say we're the fat cats in this very shared atmosphere.

Friday, April 02, 2010

It's April

Is anyone else alarmed at how quickly 2010 is speeding by? I've read that as we get older, the past stretches out more and more slowly and the future flies by more and more quickly. Then... well we all know how it ends.

Time is elusive, and I know this is all about perception of time. As a child, there wasn't too much to see looking over my memory-shoulder and it seemed to take so long for the next grade in school to arrive, for a birthday to come... for the dentist to finish his nastiness in my mouth.

Now, I look back and wow - it goes all the way back to the pre-computer and pre-space age. I wore a Davy Crockett cap and watched Buck Rogers on the big screen. I lived in France only a decade after World War II ended (playing in bunkers and picking up souvenirs). That's a long, slow way back.

Now I can almost smell 2011.

Not disturbed...just noting.

Speaking of dentists, are you one of those who hasn't seen this yet?

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