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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

So it goes...

The circuits around the sun continue...and I continue to be here to see it. That's good and I really am appreciative. I'm not religious, although I have met a few of them, and joined two religions and a cult in my time. I haven't met a religion yet that inspires more awe or sense of place than simply seeing and feeling what I am a part of. I'm a wee bunch of dust, formed originally from stars and recycled in unimaginable ways, and now animated by life (thanks mom). 

That dust is human, which means I not only can experience living, I can know that I'm experiencing it. Star dust looking at star dust, through these eyes in my head. And knowing it. Yikes! Sometimes it's enough.

Cannabis is legal in Canada now, but that's not related to the paragraphs above. I was handed a pre-rolled joint the other day, unsolicited. I put it in my pocket and then realized, "Hey! This is legal."  Funny feeling. Although I later gave it away myself.

Quick updates for those who might be interested:

- Daughter Zoey is still in New York and is working on a doctorate in Philosophy. I visit a couple of times a year and enjoy my wonderful child...and my favourite city. No need to do a lot in Brooklyn, where she lives. I just walk, eat, watch, talk to people and poke around - and it's fascinating.

- Son Ryan moved to Vancouver after 5 years in Montreal. We did a 10-day road trip across Canada together. Tiring, interesting, fun and a gift to have an adult child captive for so much conversation. It seemed mutual, which is nice.

- Anna didn't run for city council again, after four years of hard work at it. Nineteen others ran for the six seats so we weren't left adrift. Now she's looking a launching new work or career, as yet undetermined.

- I'm still earning dough as a consultant. Have Flip Chart - Will Travel.  I'm slowing down by blocking weeks and even months off, and working hard when I work. Six weeks planned in Mexico this winter.

Ryan in Edmonton on the road trip

Daughter and dad in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Okay, that's enough for those of you interested and far to much for those not.


Hi Gary
Thanks for the update and pictures. Interesting to hear about Zoey's studies into philosophy and nice to see you're able to undertake that trek with Ryan.

As you might have gathered this year I designed a short course on the existentialist's for the Uni of the 3rd age and led some great discussions. Next year I am contemplating designing a new course entitled ‘Finding Meaning in an Increasingly Secular Age.’
Taking as a reference point Professors Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly’s Book “All Things Shining” the course would aim to facilitate class discussions. The underlying theme for discussion is how one might sustain existential meaning individually and for society as a whole in what is an increasingly secularised world.
Let me know any thoughts you may have. Not religious but it might include a broad thematic from religions.
Best wishes


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