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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

They Always Get Their Man

RCMP Constable Jason Tree and Constable David Connors exchanged vows this week in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, before a justice of the peace and a troop of other Mounties. (story)

While same-sex marriage is becoming commonplace across Canada now, this was the first time (that I know of) that two of Canada's finest men, our very own Royal Canadian Mounted Police, took the plunge.

And before you hear it anywhere else, the joke about Brokeback Mounties has already made the rounds.

From the Halifax, Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald:
YARMOUTH — A harp played and the couple couldn’t stop smiling as they stood before family and friends to exchange vows of love and a lifetime of commitment. Then it was on to the reception where a white chocolate rose with a red tag sat on a red napkin at each setting.

Prime Minister Harper put a gag order on all Conservative Members of Parliament, demanding none make any public statements on the wedding. Guess he's worried about them speaking their (little) minds. Recent polls show that 62% of Canadians consider same sex marriage a done deal now.

Congrats Jason and David!

P.S. Whatever your orientation fellow bloggers, you have to admit they're kind of cute...

WHAT NO HORSE?! what is Canada coming to...

I've no objection at all but, yeah cute - I mean, too cute. I look to the day when a couple of ordinary blokes get hitched and get back to a can of lager and a meat pie, smell each other's farts and stuff, and spend a honeymoon fishin'; Less polarization on the gay-straight aesthetic spectrum.

i jest - nice story ;o)
Wow, 'macho police' present? That is saying something. Times have changed and just wait for the backlash..because that won't change either...unfortunately,
They look very happy and they should.

Now, someone warn me if they cross the border into the US. I have been told that gay marriage will threaten my own and I want to have enough time to fortify my marriage before they get here.

That's right, P.O.P., I feel the foundations of the Madcap Merger quivering even now.

I'm sure Harper realizes that he'd have an absolute hornet's nest on his hands if he tries to rescind gay-marriage laws. If he does, I'll be obliged to "step up to the mike" myself, and I don't know if some of my friendships would survive that. Oh well.

I do comfort myself that Canada is a far more secular society than the U.S., and backlash doesn't have nearly the popular support.
Excuse me for noticing, but isn't adultery a greater threat to marriage than homosexuality?

In America, marriage is a matter of state licensing. Holy Matrimony, on the other hand, is a rite of the church (one of 7 rites). And we force gays into Holy Matrimony in order to preserve the sanctity of a state licensing procedure.

Live and let live. Sorry to say, but I'm more concerned about my own sex life (or lack thereof).

Yet another step in the right direction. Hooray for Canada!!
They are so cute! They look very happy, too. I'm happy for them.
I think it's awesome, their smiles are so gay!
Ah yes.... so very often it is the really cute ones who are gay. Oh well, at least 2 really cute ones found each other. And since I am a very married hetero American woman, I certainly should be horrified that they are married to one another, as opposed to just living in sin... sigh... I so hate being an American some days.
"Prime Minister Harper put a gag order on all Conservative Members of Parliament"

Now that Canada has solved the homosexual marriage issue, maybe they can look into freedom of speech.
Right on Bohemian!
I guess we invented same-sex marriages a couple of years ago in the Netherlands. Now we are runners up in same-sex divorces too :-)
Yes DA, I suppose the ability to marry doesn't grant the ability to stay together forever. We've had the first same-sex divorces in recent months here too.
how does that joke go?

If you want to reduce the amount of homosexual sex, just do the logical thing and let them get married...

they are WAY too cute, excellent title and blog Gary.

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