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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I've been tagged..

This is new to me - as I understand it, I now have to do this on my site, since Vee tagged me on hers.

I am thinking about...
Summer heat and where I'll be in five years.

I said...
"What time is the ice cream night start tonight?" (It's called Sundae Sunday at our community building tonight.)

I want to...
travel, write, love, live long.

I wish...
we all recognized the oneness of our human family.

I hear...
Steppenwolf playing in the next room - 19 year old son!

I wonder...
how hummingbirds evolved - was it by getting bigger or smaller?

I regret...
being unkind to someone named Susan many years ago.

I am...

I dance...
rarely and like a stiff old white guy.

I sing...
when others do - especially old folk songs.

I cry...
from books and film, not too often in real life.

I am not always...

I make with my hands...
words on a screen, flowers in my garden, motions when I talk.

I write...
because I am here.

I confuse...
fir trees with pine trees.

I need...

And finally...
may the road rise up to meet you and my you find peace within.

Good job Gary. Quick too. That's exactly what you're supposed to do. I have to say, I love your response to 'I cry...' because that's what I'm like too. Ah well...
There's another one on my blog honoring Canadians if you'd care to join in.

Ten words and a brief comment on each beginning with the letter "G" for Gary or "W" for within sight.

I tagged five Canadians but was trying to cover as many locations as possible and I had one from BC. Then I invited everybody else to join in.
Hendrix, now Steppenwolf? Obviously well-versed in the classics.
Great job, Gary.

btw, I like the Bob Snider. Was unable to locate anything else by him (or even that one, for that matter).
hand motions when you speak - I thought it was an unconscious habit. a very unBritish mannerism but I notice it creeping in with UK TV presenters - newsreaders are the worst. I suspect they are being coached, it looks so unnatural - like 'white dad dancing'. :o)
Progressive - yes Steppenwolf! (The Pusher Man was the song at the moment.) Glad you like Bob - he's a gem (in the rough).

Ian, I do public speaking sometime and one of my friends likes to do a parody of me with my hands moving around in a deliberately stiff and Englishman trying to be Italian kind of way. I hate that guy! (Not really Scott)
fir and pine I could never tell apart either long needles one gives me a rash - spruce has the little short needles thats all I know.

never wondered about the humming birds... will now however.
awww...I love that..
all the answers..sweet
( and I know you mister..no need to introduce yourself)
Loved it. That hummingbird thing is going to bug me now, though.
Great answers. I hope Susan sees them.

It rocks that your kid listens to Steppenwolf. You are a great dad; I can tell.
Thanks all and yes, Elizabeth, if she sees this, she'll know it's her.

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