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Monday, June 12, 2006

Irrepressible Info - censors go home!

There is a lot of internet censorship going on - much in countries that suppress free expression regularly (China and Iran for example). There are also international IT companies like Google and Yahoo, who have been playing the censor-game for their markets. Google is helping China limit its search replies and Yahoo helped China by providing information on a client.

This link allows you to place Irrepressible Info on your blog. It will regularly place a small box of content that has been censored somewhere in the world. (See box on my side panel.)

I like this!

I read all about this, my with "special short bus" HTML skills I couldn't get the button, link or whatever on my page - sigh, I'll never be a proper geek!
I am going to do this as soon as I get some time to set it up! (I'll need time to get it right.)
I'm not so hot on this stuff either. Go to the site, pick the sidebar you want from the choices. Then cut the HTML code that is in the little box. Go into your blog template and paste this code into your sidebar (anywhere you want). Have a look and if it works - keep it!

No censorship here.

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