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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mom turns 80!

I don't do a lot of personal or family posts, but this is in honour of mom.

My mother turned 80 recently and we managed to pull off a surprise party for her in Kelowna, BC. Four of her five children (all boys), our kids, her brother and sister and about 40 friends attended.

I'm not sure I'd recommend this approach as she seemed to go into mild shock when she walked into the room... After than initial moment it was wonderful. She is a healthy, bright, active and loving 80 year old woman. I can only hope to follow in her footsteps (she outwalks me now).

The photo is mom with my kids. (Click to embiggen - as PICA calls it...)

Whoa! That is one confident lady your mother is! Lovely kids, too.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

You have a beautiful family. That picture is definitely priceless.
Tanti Auguri! Felicidades! Happy Birthday, Mum!
how cool, good for you!!
Happy 80th birthday to your mom!
She looks so full of confidence and energy!
A lovely family picture...reminds me of my grandma...
your mum looks great! happy birthday, Gary's mum.
Belated birthday wishes to your mom Gary! That's a lovely photo of her with her grandkids. :)
I really like the picture Gary - it is adorable with your son and all!
A wonderful event to celebrate. Your mother looks in good spirits, nice picture.
What a beautiful family!

When Mr. Pink went into the Marine Corps, his family thought he wouldn't make it home for the first Christmas. He managed to come back for just a short visit, so his father, who had just gotten a new stove or something, had the idea to wrap him up in the box as a present to his Nana. They carried him into her house in the box on Christmas Eve. The only problem was his Nana was very strict about opening presents only on Christmas Day. They finally convinced her she had to open this one, and she was angry for a moment thinking they had gotten her a big dog she didn't want. She she opened the box, and Mr. Pink stood up, someone snapped a picture of the poor lady with her hand over her heart. I think it was a bit more than mild shock. But after she decided she wasn't dying, she was very happy.

So, at least you didn't do that to your poor mother.
Good story Jublu - it's pretty funny too. Yes, maybe moms would rather have warnings before being emotionally bowled over by their families...
What a great picture, Gary. You have a beautiful family. Your Mom looks better than my 60 year old mom. You have some very handsome children, too. Happy Birthday to Mom. I'm glad she liked her party!
Happy belated birthday mom!
Thanks Elizabeth and DA.

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