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Thursday, May 18, 2006

My kind of hummer...

This little fellow visited our deck yesterday. I love the buzzing, frenetic...yet startling beauty of hummingbirds. Too bad a gas-guzzling piggy vehicle has stolen their nickname...

What a great photo! I love humming birds. Such joy!
Oops - that was me, arulba.
mine too.

amazing shot.
sheesh should be in bed, but you got me reading Mary Oliver for my epithath ...
and I ran across this one

"Does the hummingbird think he himself invented his crimson throat?
He is wiser than that I think"
~Mary Oliver
I love watching them. We have lot of them around here.
that's a nice image, gary - i assumed hummingbirds were tropical species! we don't get them here.

don't get hummers either. :o)
That's a great photo. I always try to catch birds in action, but am never quick enough.

Piggy vehicle! Hahahaha!
Thanks Ian - any compliment from you for a photo is welcome indeed. Hummingbirds have a huge range in North America I belive (western). We have at least 3 species at our feeder.
Small is beautiful...Hummingbirds are the smallest birds I learned long back in school but through your photo I saw them for the first time..thanks!
This little fellow is about the size of my thumb...tip to tail. And I have small hands.
That's a gorgeous pic! I love hummingbirds. I have a ruby throated one on my license plate. What a spiritual uplift to go outside & find the little guy there. You have to live for moments like that.

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