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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stars gather for Da Vinci debut

Such a big deal about a mediocre job of thriller writing and a new film. Protests, religious debates, law suits...it all spells one thing to me: PROFITS. Dan Brown, and now Hollywood will be very happy. Bring on the controversy - bring on the bread and circus.


As for Jesus marrying Mary and settling down with a family. I can't see what the fuss is about. It's not like he married Matthew or Luke... and there's no word of Mary sneaking into Egypt for an abortion. Sounds like good Christian values all around. Give them a mini-van and a split level and they'd fit right in to most neighborhoods.

The other positive angle is that any one of us could study our genealogy and discover Jesus was our great (many times) grandpa. Ironically, he could have even been the great grandpa of the President of Iran - wouldn't that be an interesting sequel!

I still haven't read it and probably won't.

As for Jesus, he had to be doing something in that time between around 12 and 30. Most young Jewish men married - why wouldn't he?
It was very much the cultural norm for Jewish men to marry. And for the record, Mary wasn't a whore. She was made a whore by the good church fathers many,many years later, which is, I believe, explained in the book.Because of the juxtaposition of a scriptural line about a prosty and another verse about Mary they seized on that to so label her and remove the horror of a woman actually being involved in the ministry. Gasp!!The fact remains, she was always about and she and Jesus appeared to have a fond relationship. Jesus probably did marry and have a family and I can't see what all the howling and commotion is about. Do they expect him to have remained a virgin? Silly. Marriage is an honorable estate.
Or you could have Mohammed's genes bro :-)
Chive figures the Catholic church has shares in the book and movie rights, and that's why they're making such a hullaballoo about it - driving up sales. Doesn't that make sense?
I was shocked when someone told me Jesus was a Jew. It is all so confusing.
people need to relax, I mean seriously....

so maybe Jesus got some, perhaps that's why he was such a great guy.

fictional book people, fiction - sheesh. imagine if we all took Life of Brian this seriously....
actually, Life of Brian did come in for some stick! What, one of jesus's decendants married a goyim? that's the only way I could be related to him. oi vay!

I haven't read the book - the synopsis sounds dull - I won't be persuaded by the hype either.

but wouldn't it be cool to have jesus as a neighbour! great in BBQ season - no fear of running out of booze and food!
oh yeah.... forgot that part. but at least it's damn funny.... (Life of Brian) - don't know what I was thinking - married a goyim... sure fire way to break your mother's heart!

more people with their knickers in a knot.

book was interesting, I tend to say away from the "big summer hits" so don't think I'll be seeing it either.
I saw the movie tonight. Or at least the first quarter, fell asleep after that..
Thanks Da.

It opens here tonight, but I may pass as I find I can sleep well at home.

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