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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Honour your mother...and clean your room too


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers visiting.
(To the rest of us - "Listen to your mother dear!")

I see on my yahoo toolbar appearing Mother's day! This is really funny...to what extent are going to commercialize every thing?!
I call it the Hallmark Holiday too but I'd really miss the little cards and crafts the girls make.

I wrote a couple of tributes to my birth and adoptive moms over on granny if you're interested.
love the shrine with electrical appliances. that just "rocks" hahahaha
Cute pictures.

I would have wished my mom a happy mother's day, but she's half way around the world, and they don't celebrate Mother's Day in the Philippines. I guess I'll have to make it up to her when she comes the US for a visit!
Sorry she's so far away Nova and hope your mother visits soon.
I kissed my 96 year old Mother goodbye as we prepared to depart for Houston and I wished her an early Mother's Day. The vacant smile she gave and the confused look in her eyes revealed that she did not understand. The woman who for so many decades had nurtured, cared for, aided, bossed, advised, and guided children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren was with us only in body; that strong, dynamic, intelligent woman was gone. Without our minds we are no longer our Self. Observing her mental confusion, we grieved for the loss of our Mother, for the woman she had been was no more and we wept in pain and sorrow.

She has momentary flashes of clarity, and as we prepared to depart she began weeping like a child, begging us not to go, begging us to take her with us, begging to go home. It was hard, hard to walk away and leave her crying, to leave her in that cold, sterile room.

Cherish your mothers while you have them. They are too soon taken from you. Even after 96 years it is too soon. It is always too soon.
Worried... thanks for sharing that story with us. My grandmother was healthy, lived in a 3 story walk-up on her own until she was 91. A stroke then left her with dementia and 5 years of life that were in an institution and very confusing.

Mothers are a deep blessing - and the opportunity to tell one she is loved is valuable.

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