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Friday, May 05, 2006

A photo of Dora Maar (for Lauren)

The subject of Picasso's painting below was his friend, model and muse Dora Maar. She was a successful artist herself - wonderful photographer (particularly in the 1930s).

She looks a hell of a lot better in the photo than in the painting. LOL
Thanks, Gary! :)

She was a pretty good lookin' lady! Much better than Picasso's depiction!
heh heh, interesting how sometimes superficial our idea of beauty. but i ask; what portrait would would you tire of first - the photo or the painting?! :o)
If I were Dora Maar, I'd get Picasso's eyes rightly altered via laser surgery :) But, that's just me. lol
Ah now I see the resemblence!
Good question Ian! I like Picasso's work and am ready to be challenged by art. BUt almost $100 million! I guess it's just another sign of the times - a few people are richer than emperors ever were and more and more people can't eat everyday.

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