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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Haiku - to lift the spirits in a sometimes daunting time...

I love haiku, the Japanese form of poetry that is usually 3 lines - of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 again. It is also usually non-rhyming and somehow is the perfect forumula for magic in 17 syllables.

There are serious scholars of haiku, but don't let that stop you from dropping some words on this site - HAIKU R US!

Here are two samples:

First autumn morning
the mirror I stare into
shows my father's face

- Kijo Murakami (1865-1938)

Elder dog on bed
eyes fade nose dry tail yet swings
breath comes and will go

- me (2006)

Now you.....

Hi Gary -had a quick stab at it !! not like your more thoughtful one. I hope your dogs okay ?, assuming its about your old dog! and come to think of it, that assumes you own a dog ! which I think you do.

Solomon Islands

Bitter Solomon wind
Aussies mourn their saving peace
Rage riots renew

Ozone Depletion

Red sun spots
Sands of many desert hues
Mankinds face refections
Tomorrow Boston
a day trip with girls and I
will you be there also?
Nice work gentlemen! And yes Lindsay, our 26 year old dog seems to be slowly letting go, peacefully and gracefully. Maybe I'll post a picture of him soon.

Zee - love to meet you in Boston, but will be in BC alas.
Kenyans are thirsty
While Austin thunderstorms
Cause water damage
oops. Cut. Take Two...

Kenyans are thirsty
While the Austin Thunderstorms
Cause Water Damage

We've had golf sized hail that knocked out the windows and the roof of our local grocery store and shut it down. We're having rains that are similar to those experienced in hurricanes! Lots of tornado warnings and alarms going off, too.

The sky is crying
Frozen water falling in
on hundred degrees

James Hanson's warning
The earth's climate is heating
With the sun's dimming
Ok - can't get anything right tonight...

The sky is crying
Frozen water falling in
ONE hundred degrees

(It's the beginning of spring and it has been in the triple digits - unbelievable!)
elevating,energetic, enlighetening,inspiring rythms

that is what haiku is all about

mesmerised i am with Haiku
Gary, this took MY breath away. How moving. I am not a poet, so I won't attempt to write Haiku. I'll leave it to the professionals like you & Lindsay.
Make that our 16 year old dog, I aged him beyond belief above.

AbhayK - thanks for visiting - I love the poetry on your site

Arulba - wonderful work! (Weird weather)
Elisabeth - but you are a poet:

Elizabeth writes
not a poet - how moving
took my breath away
I never got the hang of writing Haiku's. Too strict rules of writing. I never wrote poems at all until I started writing my blog..
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I'll have to give it a try, though..

mysterious gift
lying in mailbox today
from good blogging friend

an ancient doggie
26 years minus ten
still gives joy to you
Nerdine - those are both lovely! (And do share the contents of the gift - in poetry or not...)
I've been fairly prosaic the past couple days, but I'll have a go at it...

Root-laden topsoil
Heaped on tarps in my driveway
Waiting to be moved


Dirty dishes wait -
The cook's on the couch, reading
They'll have to wait on

I look back and notice that my theme in both is waiting. Aha! Who needs to pay a psychotherapist? I'll just come haiku-ing over at Gary's!
Madcap - spring is the in-between time - waiting and yet growing. Your poems are swell - I think the second one is a modern masterpiece... really.
Arulba sent me a CD by Jack Johnson called On and On. wonderful CD given by a wonderful friend. I've listened to it over and over, and I love it. And I love it more because I know it means a lot to my friend on the other side of the planet.
I share Nerdine's love of Jack. So mellow!

Here's a really simple haiku:

Haiku, hard to write
Trying to be creative
Draining my head
Here is a haiku for the photo:

Tiny hand in mine
Today, your fingers hold tight
But soon will let go
Oh, and the rest are wonderful. I've never been a haiku fan, but I am loving the way these express the different personalities! I will have to reevaluate my feelings about the haiku.
i had lunch with marlo thomas
who is that girl
u wished 4
sister friend mother
Nerine - JJ is big in our house too - all ages.

Nice work Lauren... and Jublu, what a lovely string of words for that photo.

Bohemian - you are always one of the more interesting commenters - very random and cool poem (marlo thomas indeed!)
I don't know if this constitutes a Haiku (been trying to wrap my head around the concept), but here goes:

Queen Jackie
giver of joy and love unconditional
fulfills destiny

blame all problems on
a narcissistic mother
she's apathetic

has no compassion
no responsibility
to do the right thing

she quits her mother
supposed to make her happy
why then the trouble

do onto others
opposite of love is fear
practice what you preach
A "lovely string of words," Gary? Hmmmm. Is that an ambiguous statement? Fortunately, I have a sense of humor, you know. ;P
Thanks Vee - your focus still on your 4 legged dear friend!

Anonymous - interesting...

I really did mean lovely Jublu - it's a beautiful haiku.
lol Ofcourse Gary. It's her and her only:)

Jublu...that's a lovely Haiku. Or rather... words expressed truly :)
oh, I missed this, Gary! haikus are very good exercise for the brain you know - better than crosswords or su doku...
Exercise the brain
Crosswords and sudoku no
Ian's advice rings true

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