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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Amnesty Accuses US on Rendition of Prisoners

This is not really new news (story)- it's been known for some time that the US is routinely abducting people and flying them in unmarked jets to locations where they can be imprisoned and interrogated (with torture frequently used). No charges, no due process, no information to family or anyone else... and no admission of this practice.

Amnesty traced the movement of 4 of the 26 CIA unmarked planes. Many countries appear to be allowing the flights to use them as refuelling stops (including Canada and the UK).

This is an example of using the 'war on terror' to abuse human rights (that are legally established). It really bankrupts all the statements to other nations about 'freedom, democracy, fighting for what's right' and the rest of the self-interested and hypocritical rhetoric.

Yes, it is. It's shameful.
Well it's all over the news here since a special Amnesty report seems to be released today.

Shameful indeed Kat.
As you say Gary this has continued over a long period but I am pleased to see Amnesty giving it more air. The US Govt is committing torture and abuse in these secret places and should be exposed to the world for its corrupt practices and abuse of human rights.

Best wishes
We have so many ways in which to recover from the Shrub admin, including ethically, morally, economically, etc. Depressing.
jublu - here's to a new day... and soon!
Hmmm! I wonder why the US won't ratify the International Criminal Court?
Could it be visions of a crack French/Guatemalan Squad of Paratroopers loading Glorious Leader onto a helicopter for a nice little explanation of what passes for his thoughts in The Hague?
I wonder if you all know that President Bush signed a law that allows the US to send in the troops and rescue any American who is ever detained as a result of the International Criminal Court. In addition, they have singed bilateral treaties with all sorts of aid-dependent countries - money for agreeing to never arrest a US citizen under the ICC.

Never heard that before.
But I'm wondering how you can make it a law to violate another country's territory.

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