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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A poetic moment

Awake, Aware as the Night Becomes Day

Walk outside at 4:00 AM
To the east, down the lake the sun is readying to rise -
In the other direction,
The moon lingers just above the mountain
In a still dark sky
Leaving its last light as a blessing.
As I walk
I concentrate
On the sounds of my footsteps,
And the songs of the birds.
I slow, examine all around me…
All senses sharp.
The world sure is beautiful,
While her children sleep,
And the only sounds are
Wind, rushing water,
And the occasional rustle of a restless beast in the wild woods.

I stand motionless and breathe it all in.

On my way home the moon is behind me,
But the sky it is slowly descending from is slightly brighter than before.
In east of me,
The sun beams are peaking over the horizon,
Making way for the sun itself.
I sneak inside the house quietly
Careful to not wake anyone,
The small, blind, old dog included.
I crawl into bed,
Ready to sleep,
And reflect upon summertime
For only seconds before being swept into dream land.

My last thought stays close to me,
Resonating in my dreams…
As it seems everything declares at once…
“The world sure is beautiful.”

Ryan (July 2005)

Nice Gary - especially the last one.
Very nice. Makes me want to live where y'all live. We have construction which obscures the sounds of nature and billboards in our view these days. We can't see the stars anymore. We still see deer occasionally but they are almost always injured.
this is my kind of thing! very nice poem.
Lovely words that paint a picture of this wondrous world, a soft breeze, the whispering spheres, a reminder of echoes in my mind of past summer winds chiming in the faint rustle of an early sunrise.

Let beauty surrond us.

Best wishes
I like this one the best. He captures the feeling well.

Great kid, Gary.

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