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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

P.S. on the UN Human Rights Council Vote

Someone who was in the meeting at the UN when the vote on the Human Rights Council passed (see post below) - sent this photo. US Ambassador John Bolton during the vote - as others begin to applaud its passing.

"Cheer up John! President Bush is still in power and all these morons from their silly little independent nations will surrender to US policy someday!"

Quite frankly,
I'm amazed he even bothers to show up for these things anymore.
I'm worried about the poor dear, though.
He looks positively apoplectic in this picture (wait, was that apocalyptic? I must check the spelling).
I hope that his blood pressure doesn't cause him to drop in the middle of browbeating the Dutch or asking the poor Eritrean Ambassador to go get him a cup of coffee.
Think of the headlines: "Bolton Struck Down by God at UN for being a D**k"
The US alongside only Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands faced 170 countries in rejecting the creation of a new UN council to protect human rights. Only the US and Somalia (which has no recognised government) have failed to ratify the UN convention on the rights of the child.
There's this hip-hop thing going around now that describes this dance you do, and the first thing you do is, "Make a face like you just smelled piss," and you're supposed to make this face while you do the dance. Quite fashionable, actually.
Maybe Mr B is a lot more hip than we give him credit for.
That's pretty funny PT. I'm going to use that "He made a face like he just smelled piss."

I'm not sure I can bust a rhyme with it though.

Huh! my man, take a look at this
Face like the man just smelled piss
No. False alarm. I found out you're supposed to make the face while you got your hands on your hips.
Bolton is only pretending to be hip.
Bolton doesn't look very pleased, does he?

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