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Monday, March 06, 2006

Some Monday fun...

This isn't a sign (as some know, I love to post a good sign), but it's the sort of graffiti that really shouldn't be washed off. Agree? In fact, if someone with too many drinks in them arrives here - they just might try to climb these stairs. If someone on LSD arrives here, they might really climb them...

Oooh! That's brilliant! And effective--had me wondering for a moment.
Stairways to subway..Nice
I've been stairing at this picture for the last 42 minutes. I still don't know what is going on.

Good work.
Stairing at this picture? Funny.
Great! On an enjoyment level with your signs.
I love optical illusions, and this is a good one! I hope they don't wash it off!
I don't want to admit anything, but I have climbed those stairs before.
Stairway to heaven? Unfortunately, I've walked those stairs before, too!
Extreme funny picture, but is it real ?. Maybe it can't be washed off, becuause its photo art ?

best wishes
Yeah, I don't know if this is a digitally enhanced photo (I didn't take it). The light in it makes me think it's just a cool piece of art. Why not sneak into your nearest subway and try it! Let us know if it can be replicated.
i'm thinking it would be a difficult, but not impossible, piece of impromptu graffiti - the difficulty would be in getting the perspective to look right at a distance. but i'm told a lot of the quality graffiti is pre-drawn and executed quickly on site using stencils. probably with a bit of teamwork too.

it's still an eye catching image!
banksy eat your heart out .... or was it you!

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