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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Back from Mexico - in body at least...

1. beach at La Manzanilla
2. Barra de Navidad cafe
3. What a planter!

Just returned from a great, but short break in the small fishing and agricultural village of La Manzanilla, Mexico ( tourism now too). As with most travel, time became a little warped. In looking back at the end of a week or so, it seemed to have been a much longer time - very full of experience. Yet in getting home, it seemed to have flown by very quickly.

I took lots of photos and will post some here. I wish I had a scent-camera so you could smell the woodsmoke, diesel, roasting chicken, dry dust and salt wind. That, with a sound recording of roosters, motorcycles, barking, laughing and incessant surf...would be a more sensual representation than photos and words.

- Had a chelada for Pica - beer with hot chile is not for all, but I loved it...

- Thanks for the advice on reading materials - I got through a couple of books, including Tim Winton's The Turning. If you don't know this Aussie writer, you might check him out. This set of stories is now alive in me.

Great to have you home, Gary. I am glad you had a nice time. The pictures are beautiful. Glad you got some time to relax, recharge, and catch up on your reading.

I have read Julian's copy of The Killer Angels in your absence and liked it so much I went and got Gods and Generals, too. I haven't read Tim Winston, but I'll have to check him out.

Not much been going on in your absence. We've been doing some posting. We had our Arse of the Week, as usual. Been doing some shouting over there having some troll wars. Granny's husband is in the hospital with pneumonia. They have been fighting the troll wars, too. We had snow in Memphis this week. Are you sure you didn't drop it off when you were flying over since I've been talking about our 60 degree weather all winter? Zee is gone to teach for a couple of weeks. Guess there has been more going on in your absence than I thought.

Anyway, great to have you home. I'm glad you had a good trip, made it there & back safely, and took lots of pictures. Take care.
yeh, great to see your photos, Gary - i look forward to seeing more. vibrant colours!

Are those Tim Winton's short stories? - I'm not familiar with it but shorts are my favourite form of fiction at the moment.
Welcome back Gary

I liked your description of woodsmoke, roasting chickens, dust and salt winds .....change the dust to coral dust and it reminds me of a holiday or should I say adventure in Kiribiti many moons ago!!

Best wishes
Welcome back Gary... mmmmm... I'm smelling the imaginary chicken, smoke, and salty Mexican wind.
But what?? No Margaritas? No Cuervo?? Sheesh...
Thanks for the news Elisabeth - I'll check into blogs again once my feet (and head) are grounded.

Tina - well yes, there were some margaritas (and tequila with lime and salt).

Lindsay - I was delighted by the book and articles awaiting me. Be back to you soon.

Ian - yes, Tim Winton's book is short stories.
Glad to see you returned home safe and sound. Lovely pictures!

I love margaritas!
Welcome home!
I love those pictures. Especially the cafe. If my husband (and homeowners association) would let me, our house would look like that - lots of bursting color!

Welcome home!
Great photos! The beach looks strangely familiar ;)

Thanks for having a chelada in my honor! It's too cold to drink them here right now!
Welcome back Gary! :) The beach looks wonderful, but I love the second picture - the colours are so vibrant and lively! :)
Welcome home, Gary.
I, too, liked that second photo a lot.
That one fellow looks like he'll always have some shade to park!
Glad you have a good time.
Amigo back again. That's good.

By the way, did you buy that tree? Just like "I'll take that one. Don't bother the wrappings" ..
Okay - I'll tell! The tree is growing along the road, but I couldn't resist lining up the truck with the cistern in the back... and getting the 'planter'.
Way up above, I meant Elizabeth, not 'Elisabeth' - I usually get names right.
no comment
Good photo technique Gary. :)
Granny's husband returned home from hospital yesterday.

Welcome back - loved the pics.

Ann (aka granny)
Did you see Dudley Moore walking on the hot beach in Manzanillo?
I missed you!
Canada seemed so empty up there without you!
Next time you go, you need to make sure to leave your country in the hands of a RESPONSIBLE adult! Who knows what Harper's been up to without you!
Auntie Willow

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