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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The envelope please! (Canadian election results)

Okay, it's over now and we have a Conservative minority government, which means they will need some allies to pass any legislation, which means the more extreme policies may not fly. That's the good news. It's very Canadian to have to work to consensus to get anything done.

I'm not thrilled, but I can live with it (no need to have Nerdine post Norwegian immigration information yet...)

The NDP gained a number of seats, including one in my riding and will be a good social and environmental conscience at the table. That's a good thing.

This BBC article is a pretty good summary of it all.

By the way, for my US visitors: Canada still has paper ballots, scrutineers from every party watching every step, and a manual count of the little pieces of paper in every one of the 66,000 polling stations. How very un-Floridian!

Not great news, but not disastrous either.
Really, one of the good things to come of it, as you pointed out, is the NDP's strong showing, something like a 70% gain.
Congratulations on your new NDP MP!
Ok, so we have an other butt kisser for Bush. At least the US now doesn't have to invade Canada, if that is of any consolidation.
Put them strategic missile defense systems up, enforce border control to maybe catch Ossama in his van crossing with his dialysis machine on board, cut taxes so you can kiss goodbye the health system you have become accustomed to. On the bright side: There always will be maple syrup.
Michael Moore is a carpetbagger. Why don't you tell him to go home.
"It's very Canadian to have to work to consensus to get anything done." That sounds like a good thing to me. (I'm thinking of recent U.S. examples in which some peops just fly by the seat of their britches and do whatever they like....).
I think he is at home - NYC last time I saw. I kind of like him - makes his points with humour...
Well I see you have the conservatives in power, thanks to a little coaching from fellow conservatives down under, so possibly we owe you an apology. Still as you say it’s good news some allies are needed to pass legislation, which was the case here up to fairly recently.

In Australia we have a majority coalition of Liberals (Conservatives by way of policy) forming a coalition with the National Party but legislation passed in the Lower house still needs Upper House approval where the coalition didn’t have the numbers.

That's all changed now as the Government has a majority in both houses of parliament.

According to Tony Walker from Ottawa reporting in the Australian Financial Review your country was heavily influenced by our Conservative Prime Minster. Hence the headline news “CONSERVATIVE CANADA FOLLOWS HOWARD”
Stephen Harper followed the ABC playbook of John Howard’s whose personal staff has doubled in minder /advisors since he first became Prime Minster 10 years ago. Howard is a skilful Politician and adapt at the art of wedge politics.
Apparently spokesperson for the Conservatives Tim Peters said The Conservatives had studied each of Mr J Howard’s 4 election victories extensively and learned from them.
John’s a regular to GW Bush’s ranch, building up such a close working relationship and benefiting us from a new free new Trade Agreement with the US. Don’t be concerned the numbers reveal a deterioration on our net position with the USA ever since, since the facts should never be allowed to mess up a good story and who wants to read all that b…….y fine print anyway !!.These guys are big picture men.

Howard met Harper and discussed strategy last year when they were in Washington as Howard chaired a get together of guys called the International Democratic Union. John Howard’s keen to make his mark ever since GW Bush remarked Johns my Deputy Sheriff down under for the region!!

John responded then by saying …or shucks that just some Texas humour, but he maybe taking it all seriously after all and extending his influence to Canada.

Spokesperson for Harper Tim Powers said Canadian Conservatives have also absorbed lessons from the book Dark Victory by David Marr and Marian Wilkinson which documented Mr Howard’s use of wedge politics in the asylum seekers issues to bolster his support in the tough 2001 election.

Liberal Party Director Brian Loghaner ahs provided advice. Slogans Like “Stand up for Canada” reveal just how far reaching this advice has permeated the Canadian political scene Harper also learned from Howard how to dislodge “working class and lower midle class families from their traditional political roots”.

We had the Tamper incident where photos were published of refugees supposedly throwing their children into the water and published as factual accounts helped turn the tables at the elections. The fact that it later emerged that such photos were false was lost in the long winded enquiry that became bogged down to the extent the public lost interest.
It seems they also lost interest in the truth as spin replaced the truth.

He’s making it easier for small business at the moment by passing legislation to reverse previous laws that protect workers from unfair dismissals.

Best wishes
Lindsay, this is fantastically interesting and is something I never heard mentioned once here (and I'm a news junkie). I am afraid that Harper will be wiley enough to finagle a majority in the next election - then we'll really see the leopard's spots.

That said, the popular vote was about 65% for progressive parties (divided between 4 of them unfortunately).

Apology accepted! (For Oz influence) Maybe we can send you Celine Dion in retribution.

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