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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tory candidate dumped over smuggling charges

Hey, my riding is in the national news! Our Conservative candidate in the current federal election seems to have not only been a young, whippersnapper on the right wing of Canada's political spectrum - he also lied and is facing some charges for attempting to smuggle a Mercedes and 112 bottles of liquor into Canada from the US. Not exactly weapons of mass destruction, but certainly an exhibition of stupidity. Hey, who hasn't tried to slip a tax-free bottle across or a pair of shoes we forgot we were wearing? But a Mercedes and 112 bottles...maybe there were 113 originally.

Anyhow, I feel sorry for the lad, but it means one less Conservative sitting in the House (should he have won).

I put a sign for Alex up in my snowy yard tonight- he's the New Democratic Party candidate. These are people who are not afraid to use words like liberal, socialism, redistribution, justice, national child-care, real security etc. when they talk.
Bill O'Reilly would really hate these people...

Good grief. What on earth do you say to something so abysmally foolish?
This guy looks prepubescent. It doesn't surprise me. Maybe he had a hot date?

As for the new Dems, they sound pretty good; I'm in favor of anyone Bill O'Reilly would hate.
If this man prefers American whiskey over the Canadian, then he is obviously a fool and is unfit for public service.
Your Conservative leaders seem to undertake a lot of fundraising dinners over there, so presumably the guy was bringing in the juice for the next together.
He looks innocent to me, beaming away, so maybe it’s just a case of absent minded paperwork errors where he paid the tax on a Mini or just forget to mention it.

I heard that Conservatives views homosexuality as a one of 7 deadly sins and believe all Liberals are Nazi sympathizers, otherwise they uphold family values. I would like to see what your man actually stands for, suitably ascribed to your new signage within your property!!
Are you sure they didn't forget to mention a cooler with twenty Mexican livers in the trunk, eh?
Gary, I truly hope that Canadians rebuke the insane conservative movement that has a death grip on us in the US, b/c to quote from "Oliver Twist": "Surprises, like misfortunes, seldom come alone."
For once, it's not us doing something silly.
Why do Canadians love Kentucky Fried Chicken so much? Merely an observation from my visits to Canada.
Hey bohemiantroubador - you leave interesting posts. I think it has to be the Colonel's secret recipe (and the family sized buckets).
I have never been to Canada but have heard that Canadians do love their chicken.
Yes, I agree. The Colonel's secret recipe is delicious. I might visit the Colonel this afternoon. Bon appetit.
only in Canada you say?
sheesh, dummy....

I'm about to have a lunch with monks, any advice you could give me?

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