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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Photography for dummies (like me)

I finally went digital and bought a used camera through EBAY this year. I'm still only playing with it and aspire to sit someday at the digital feet of photographers like Ian Russell or Madcapmum. Meanwhile, you may have to look at the odd picture as I post. Here's a couple ... unrelated to each other.

From a walk on an old mountain ranch.

My 18 year old bohemian son, heading off to school this week. (I'll post some of his great poetry soon too.)

Very bohemian! I think Chive should have a hat like that.

It's the light that makes all the difference, and the wonderful options for cropping and zooming in that make digital photography so much fun. I never did much photography before my digital, but I'm awfully flattered that you like it.
Great picture of your son Gary. Can't wait to see more..
Aaaw... what a cutey. I bet he'll make some cute lil bohemian girl very happy someday b/c he seems to have his head on straight... and I bet his pops did much to make that happen.
Great pictures.
you're too kind and too modest - these are two fine images.

the best best thing about digital i find - though it took me a long long while to adjust to this point - is once you've forked out for the camera, that's it! no more to pay. it doesn't matter about wasting film on experimental throw aways or too many shots of the same thing - because there isn't any film cost to worry about!

i really look forward to seeing your photos, Gary.
Good pictures. My Christmas present to me was a digital cameral. I'm having so much fun.

It's just a small Kodak easy-share but it does everything I need it to do. It takes pictures and it's almost idiot-proof. Who could ask for more.
Nice pix, Gary. I think your son looks like a young intellectual. He should be hanging out in a coffee house somewhere talking about philosophy.

Looks like you have a great start as a photographer.
What a gorgeous kid, Gary! I love that he writes poetry, too (oh, please, don't show him my shoe poem!).
Reach for the sky young man, for my eye sees a grandfather’s steady eyes and his countenance which I spy with my little eye!!
Lindsay - when about 14, this young man did a signficant project and presentation on his grandfather. They had a strong connection in many ways.

Good eye!

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