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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canada should lead, not follow - We need to step out from US shadow.

This is an interesting piece by Linda McQuaig. It will give our foreign blog visitors some insight into Canadian/US politics (with a strong point of view).

Pierre Trudeau once compared our relationship with that of a mouse and an elephant..."when the elephant sneezes, everyone catches a cold."

Everyone knows there's no way to force the rogue Bush administration into line with the international consensus on a number of key issues, including climate change. About the only tool available — and it's a blunt instrument — is the pressure of world opinion.
Thanks to Straight Goods for this article.

Gary: I am an American who is sick and tired of this US sense of entitlement to "police" the world. The latest bruhaha is over newly elected Evo Morales in Bolivia. The US press is saying that this is a "nightmare" choice for the US... well... guess what?... it was never even a choice for America to make in the 1st place. I'm sure if we asked plenty of other nations about Bush, they would overwhelmingly pick another Prez for us in the US... and so would I. Good for Canada for standing up to us. Every nation has the sovereign right to agree and/or disagree w/another nation.
Gary, I've looked and looked but....

WHAT is that thing coming out of Pierre's mouth??!
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Unfortunately, a "rogue" doesn't tend to care about public opinion much. This "rogue administration" has certainly proven over and over it doesn't. It would probably be good for ALL of us if Canada did as she suggests.
Madcapmum, I think it's a carnation - I don't think he's eating it though... I suspect he's about to pirouette in front of royalty or something.

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