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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Morris the Moose Comes to Visit

We live in a mountain valley in western Canada - our co-housing community is connected to crown land (public land) that goes from our valley bottom all the way to a huge glacier and beyond. There are people around, but it's still very natural.

Recently we saw a bull moose running in a field above our house. An hour later we found him looking in our front door. He stayed around for a couple of hours - eating my shrubs and then taking a nap in the trees right next to our house (just waking up in the photo). We were astounded that such a huge ugly/beautiful wild animal was not afraid.

We learned two days later that he is known as Morris and was cared for as an orphan by people who live about 20 kms away. He wanders all summer and fall and eventually comes home for the winter (and lives with their cattle and sheep). This year, they brought a large horse trailer to our area, attracted Morris in with carrots ... and drove him home for the winter.

Isn't he handsome?

I want to give Morris a big squeeze and pet his big antlers. I have never seen a moose in real life, but since they are bigger than a full grown buck, I can't even guess how big Morris must be. My parents had the extreme misfortune of hitting and killing a full grown buck with their Pontiac when I was a very young child. The poor deer and my parents' Pontiac were completely destroyed. What happens if one were to unfortunately hit a moose?... YIKES!
"Van the Moose" Morris sure looks relaxed. I wonder how it feels to be a moose..
Tina - Hitting a moose can be pretty catastrophic, and too often death-inducing for both parties. We have a lot of moose in these parts.

Moose velvet antlers
Like branches among branches
Long-leg forest king

Ah Gary, you got my started, and now I need a Haiku 12-step program!
What a lovely haiku Madcap! Let's see who else can come up with a Morris the Moose haiku (5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 again - doesn't rhyme).

Gentle giant moose
A rhododendron feast
The plant will grow back
Oh, let's see...

Moose with antlers large
Many hunters in Georgia
Stay in Canada!

Seriously, it's so refreshing to see people who can appreciate wildlife without it being tied to the top of a pick-up truck. The directions to my house include, "turn left at the taxidermist". Really.
Great haiku Subversive!

They hunt around here too but there are lots of environmentalists too (including some of the finer hunters). I fear for Morris during moose season - he's liable to walk into a hunting camp, hoping for supper and an ear scratch...
looking in the door
Morris finds a place to visit
accepting and kind
The Great Stone Face has fallen off New Hampshire's Cannon Mountain. So, we use the majestic Alces Alces -- the moose -- as the face of our blog.
Ford Ranger at night
Morris' cousin out walking
Funeral for moose

.... and the granny-driver of the little truck now very nervous about nighttime driving.

i wish Morris better fortune.
Great Haike all!

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